Egg whites vs. Liquid Egg Whites


We called it Bonko
Sep 18, 2006
Don't know if anyone can help me with this question. I have a buttercream recipe that calls for 4 egg whites at room temperature. I do have the eggs but hate wasting the yolk. Can I substitute 100% pure liquid egg whites in the carton?

I took a baking class at Sur La Table on layer cakes last weekend and would like to make DS (who will be turning 12 next weekend) a b-day cake with buttercream frosting.

Thanks for your help!


Earning My Ears
Jun 25, 2014
It's probably far too late for this answer, but as far as I understand it liquid egg whites can be used for this purpose with no issues. Just make sure to read the carton to get the correct amount and have them at room temp just like you would for regular egg whites.


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