Educate me PLEASE on ent. club, fan club....


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Mar 12, 2001
Okay all you UO fans and bargain hunters out there. I've been reading some info on these boards and now I need to know more particulars an the 3 types of discounts I think I'm seeing. The entertainment club (book?), the "fan" club and Lowes club. Would you please explain to me- what they are an where I can sign up , or get more info on them. Should I get all 3? Can they be used simultaneously? Any others out there that I've just plain skipped? And do these run similarly to the WDW resorts and go by season? Is it too soon to look and book for January???

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Feb 24, 2002
I only know about the entertainment discount. It is the book, and you can order online at You could order a book for your city or for orlando if you would use it there. Just last week they were offering $10 off and free shipping. Full cost for the book is about $25-$35 depending on what city you buy. You do not need to actually have the book when making reservations, just show them the card that comes with it at check in.

It seemed like the cheapest rates have previously been for ent. discounts, but I've seen cheaper through AP and fan club I think. It is always good to keep calling for the ent. rate as availability changes. I had made reservations for full price cause no discounts were avail, but I called a couple of times a week, and got ent. rates of $125 for garden at HRH after a couple of weeks. May require a 4 night minimum, people said it depends on the time of year and what day of the week you check in on.

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Mar 25, 2000
There's a link above in one of the "permament" posts to Loew's. The Fan Club rate is only available through employer's. It's like the old Magic Kingdom Club where your employer signed up with them and offered memberships to their employee's as a perk. So ask your employer about that.

You cannot use all three of them together. You just find out which one has the best rate and use it. Anytime I've looked, I've found the Entertainment rate to be the best - but it's worth your while to get a free Loew's First membership. When you check in, if they have the next category up available you can get a free upgrade. They're also supposed to give you a welcome gift - but I never got mine! (You choose what you want - I chose milk & cookies) But we DID get a free upgrade to a Pool view at the Hard Rock.


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Sep 26, 2000
Awwww I'm sorry you didnt get your cookies Debbie:( That happened to us once and my husband called guest services and they sent them up. I have heard some people were refused the welcome gift since they were booked under a discounted rate.Dont hear that much lately though so maybe they are better about that now.

I'm like you, we book least expensive and if we get upgraded thats a bonus!