ECV stolen?


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Feb 9, 2002
Has anyone ever left their wheelchair/ECV at the front of the attractions line, and come back to find it taken? Just wondered if this happens a lot or not. The two people in our party may not need the chairs if there are short lines, they are somewhat mobile, so we could ditch the chairs while on the ride. Just wanted to be somewhat sue that the chairs will be waiting for us when we finish.

There was a post over a year ago about a manual chair being taken. The culprit was caught and told a bizarre story about a artificial leg. Does anyone else remember this? This was the only time I heard of some one deliberately taking another's chair. I would have a identifying flag of some sort to mark your chairs, a ribbon or scarf on the handlbars. I never leave anything of value in the ECV and take my key with me.
Have a good trip.
Thanks for the replies. I've heard stories of people who had personal baby strollers taken and was hoping that the same stories didn't apply to wheelchairs etc. And yeah, Always mark your chair! A crowded day can make for quite a logjam of chairs!

I must have missed the one about the artificial leg.
I have heard of park rental wheelchairs being taken at WDW. Keep your receipt so you can get a replacement chair if needed. The park rental ones pretty much all look the same, so I think a lot of it is "mis-identified chairs."
I have never heard of anyone's personal wheelchair being taken at WDW (although my DD does NOT like leaving her chair. She's always afraid someone will touch it).


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