Ecuador and Galápagos Islands


Earning My Ears
Jul 11, 2016
Does anyone know what happened to the Ecuador and Galápagos Islands trip? No new dates were added for 2020. Does that mean that the trip was cancelled? Thanks!
yes at least for 2020. they are still doing the Galapagos/Amazon trip. My only guess is it has something to do with them buying National Geographic. but that's just a guess. National geographic has a ton of Galapagos boat trips.
We went on this trip in March 2019 and there were only 15 guests, the destination manager was on the trip as well but no mention was made of stopping/changing the itinerary.

I wonder if ABD is still negotiating with the cruise company - my perception is that the travel dates are built around the departure date/cruise length of the Galapagos portion of the itinerary


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