EBCI on SW SAN to LAS -$20.00 per person


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Nov 18, 2000
Sailing on the Wonder EBPC Cruise to San Diego. Bought tickets on SW for a short flight to Las Vegas. Decided to add EBCI for our March 10th flight. Got charged $20.00 per person. Did this instead of logging in on line at the 24 hr mark on the ship. Didn’t realize it went up again. Probably could have spent less to purchase internet minutes. I’m ok with this decision just didn’t realize it was $20 per person. Last year we paid $12.50.


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Aug 23, 2008
It was $15 for some time. Earlier this year it changed to variable pricing (up to $25). My flights from KCMO to LAX were $25 for EBCI.


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Jan 2, 2011
We just paid $25 from Boston to Orlando, each person, each way.
Hesitated when the price showed up but this is our first time flying southwest so figured we'd best purchase it to help us acclimate to their boarding procedures.


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Aug 21, 2011
I bought EVCI for my 12 year old and my husband. We bought it when it was still $15 flat rate. It worked great as our first flight they had A 23 and 24 boarding spots and my 4 year old and I had A 51 and 52. That flight wasn’t full and my kids sat in a row to themselves and my husband and I sat in a row behind them to ourselves. The flight home the plane had about 20 seats open and no standby, my husband and son got A 54 and 55 (I think) and my daughter and I got B 13 and 14 but boarded with family boarding. If we fly Southwest again we’d probably do it the same way


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Apr 29, 2016
Oh, my I had no idea it went to variable pricing. Very interesting!
I was considering doing it for our return trip this September as last time DH and I went on a trip just the 2 of us, we totally forgot and were pretty much the last people on the plane! Interestingly enough we both got window seats as there were 2 couples who wanted the aisle and to sit next to each other.


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