Eats in Lake Buena Vista review(Vistana resort visitors)

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    Oct 25, 2000
    During our 8-day stay at the Vistana Resort on 535 in Lake Buena Vista we ate at a number of different places. Friday night we ate at the Vistana resort and the dinner was not very good (see my other post for details), grade C. Saturday night we ate at the Bennigans that was located on 535 right next to the resort. It was fine. Nothing special but the price was reasonable and the food was okay, grade B-. Sunday we were at the MK and ate there. Monday we had what I found to be my best meal of the trip at the LoneStar steakhouse on 535. This restaurant is located right near the resort on the way back to Route 4, on the opposite side of the road. I had a fantastic steak there. They serve a lettuce wedge along with great rolls. We also had the black bean soup, which was very good. The entire family thought this was a great meal, grade A. Tuesday we ate at Pebbles off of 535, on the west side of route 4 after our day at IOA. This restaurant had been recommended by a board member and it was good. My wife had a chicken dish that was very good. They had a kid’s menu. It was a very nice restaurant and maybe not the best choice for my young family but we had a nice meal and the prices were reasonable, grade, B+. Wednesday we hung out at the Vistana. I went out to the Wendy’s drive through located right next to the Vistana to get lunch. Our baby was not feeling well Wednesday night so we decided to stay in. I went out to Jeff Foxworthy’s takeout barbecue on route 192 in Kissimmee. The food was good and so were the prices. We ate in our Villa, grade B. Thursday the baby wasn’t feeling much better so we hung out at the resort and swam while she slept. Thursday night we took her to the walk-in clinic on 535. They diagnosed her with her first double ear infection. While we were there we decided to eat at Giordano’s pizza which was located in the same complex as the walk-in. This meal was our worst. The pizza was not very good. When the bill came the waiter never gave me the detail receipt. On the way out my mother-in-law asked what her share of the bill was so I went back to get the detailed receipt. As I was walking out I noticed that they had added a 15% gratuity to the bill and never told me. I had left an additional 15% gratuity on top of that. I went back and had them remove the second gratuity but I thought that it was sneaky. Most places I visit stamp “gratuity already included” on the bill before they present it to you. Poor food and sneaky business practices, I give this place a D-. Friday the baby felt better and we visited MGM. Saturday, it was time to head home. We did some shopping at Downtown Disney and decided to have lunch at the Rain forest café. We have one here in Connecticut but this one was larger. The food and service were great, grade A-. So there are my reviews. If you have any questions let me know.

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