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Jun 23, 2000
Still trying to decide where to stay (Dolphin for $99 or PO for $89...

Do you think that I will spend more on food if I stay @ one or the other? I know there is a food court at PO... I don't know about eating around the Dolphin.

I am trying to consider all factors!
I have not stayed at PO, but have stayed at the Dolphin and it is a great hotel. It is considered a deluxe hotel whereas the PO is a moderate hotel. The location is wonderful.

As far as restaurants at the Dolphin, there are several. Tubbies Buffeteria for quick meals (we ate breakfast here), there is also the Dolphin Fountain, they sell food and ice cream/shakes, etc. Plus there are several other restaurants within the hotel. For only $10 more a night, I think I would go with the Dolphin.

The restaurants are good, and you are close to the Boardwalk for extra options.

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Saludos desde Mexico! ... wish it were Epcot's.
But for a mere $10/nite difference, live it up! The Dolphin is a high class joint, and if you can have champagne on a beer budget ..... well....

Guess you could say that I've been to WDW more than most, but not as much as some.

Disney's Boardwalk with several restaurants is just around the corner from the Dolphin, as well as the Yacht and Beach Club. All of these places are within walking distance of the Dolphin, as well as is EPCOT.

When we were there last we ate at the "Flying Fish Cafe", one of the best meals I've ever had (but not exactly budget!). There is a take-out pizza by the slice place on the boardwalk as well, but I can't remember it's name, as well as an ESPN zone.


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