Eastern- What island has the best shopping


Jul 6, 2003
We are going on the Eastern and I was reading about the great shopping people do. The liquor, the knock off handbags and the jewelery. What island has the best shopping St. Martin or St. Thomas-St. John?
IMHO - I think it is St. Thomas. We were just there in January and got GREAT deals on diamonds and liquor.
Dutch side of St Martin had the best prices and were more willing to "deal" with us than on St Thomas ( We were on the 11/29/03 sailing)
Has anyone purchased tanzanite on St. Marrten or St. Thomas? If so, what store and how were the prices? Thanks!!
I got tanznite on St Martin just last week. I think the prices were great and I even bargined to get the $ down.
I didnt look in St Thomas.
Originally posted by Nysie
Has anyone purchased tanzanite on St. Marrten or St. Thomas? If so, what store and how were the prices? Thanks!!

Go to Joe's Jewelry in St. Martin and ask for Dean if you are looking for Jewelry. He was very knowledgable (sp) and not at all pushy. We were very happy with the quality and price we received from him in September.
St Thomas is my favorite for shopping!

I purchased a beautiful knock-off Chanel shoulder bag two years ago (80.00, cheaper than 1500.00 for the real thing,) and people still approach me about how beautiful it is. (Has the CC logo.)

I bought it from a street vendor.:D
I went in January looking for LV knockoff's. All I could find were BAD knockoffs. No sign of any good ones! Now I'm hoping Hong Kong will have some!
Our group has purchased diamonds, emeralds and the beautiful pink and dark rainbow topaz from Joe's in Phillipsburg over the course of two trips. We were satisfied. There is a shop sanctioned by DCL in one of these ports, cannot recall which, called Tanzanite International that had a huge selection. We looked in all the shops that DCL O.K.s Just keep comparing and you could get a good deal on either island. I prefer St Maarten, I just kinda like the place. A lot more funky than Charlotte Amalie. Go to the shopping talk and get a "preferred card" from the port CM. They'll treat you well.

Cotomom, you can find just about any kind of knock off of any item imaginable in HK, and you will be shocked at how good the prices are. There are a lot of places like Stanley Market which is right by Repulse Bay that will bargain with you! Good luck!
I way prefer St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) to St. Maarten. But I suppose it depends on what you are looking for. I'm not into jewelery, but artisan stuff, home decor, cool stuff to put into my home that represents the places I have traveled to.
St. Maarten (either the Dutch or French side) has some great beaches to hang out on during the day.

St. Thomas / St. Johns / Buck Island has some of the best snorkeling around.

My mall at home has some wonderful stores, but my home is not anywhere near a beach with nice warm beautiful water. The ocean at home is very cold and even on the best summer days a walk on the oceans edge involves a jacket or sweatshirt.
Thanks prymsu,

I thought that I could hopefully find some at the Temple St. Night market... The writeups on the internet talk more about that area. Any knowledge of that area?

At any rate, I will be on the lookout!



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