Eastern trip report day 3 (Monday) 1-23-06

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    Day 3 Eastern Monday

    Back up at 6:30 am to run/walk deck 4, grabbed some pineapple from Goofy’s, then checked out the navigator. I walked around taking pictures of the ship. Went to Topsiders for an egg white omelet, and then met my friend at the spa for another torturous spinning class. I am proud to say I didn’t quit, but it was tempting! It was really bad today cause the waves were so big and the spa being at the front of the ship made it even worse. Up and down, waves crashing along the windows! While walking to the spa I got a shower from the “quiet” cove pool, which was anything but quiet! The pool was just sloshing side to side.

    The seas were so rough, that about lunchtime a new navigator came out informing us that “Twice Charmed” was cancelled (and rescheduled) and they would be showing the movie Chronicles of Narnia instead.

    After class, I went back to the stateroom to see if the kids and DH were up. DS15 was gone, most likely to play basketball. He didn’t go to the stack, but found several boys to hang out with. I didn’t seem him much. We required both boys to eat dinner with us each night, go to the character breakfast, and go into the ports together. You would think it was torture to spend time with us.

    I had reserved our Palo brunch for 11:00. I showered and changed, then got DH and DS up and moving. Took DS up to breakfast, and we “snacked.” Wanted to leave lots of room for Palo! Palo of course was wonderful! Even better this time cause we knew what to expect, and not to eat too much of one thing. Our server was our dinner server from the last cruise! It was wonderful to see a familiar face. We stuffed ourselves, but it was wonderful. The only difference I noticed at Palo’s is that when you first arrive you are given the choice of champagne or a mimosa, and then you are seated. Most of the foods I remembered from our first time.

    After stuffing ourselves, I went down to our stateroom to change into more stretchable clothes and headed to the Art of Entertainment show with the pastry chef. It was neat to see how easily he was able to make the beautiful cakes they make. Afterwards, since I didn’t have anything planned, I stayed around for the future cruise presentation.

    Afterwards, I went to the Promenade lounge where the margarita & tequila tasting was being held. My DH had agreed to go with me. Christina from Romania did the tasting, she was quiet entertaining, and informative. In fact, we kept running into her afterwards! She was just one of many that made our cruise extra special! We had three shots of different qualities of tequila, plus a small margarita, and a small strawberry margarita. I now know what tequila to buy, and not to ever order a house margarita! And I learned I don’t like tequila, but I do like a margarita. I didn’t care for the strawberry one.

    After the tasting, DH went to look for the kids; I went back to the room to change. We had been invited to the Castaway Club cocktail reception, so I went to check it out while DH was looking for the kids. It was very nice and worth going to. They had some wonderful appetizers and cocktails. I felt out of place going alone, so I didn’t stay long. But if given the chance I would certainly go next time.

    Dinner was at Animator’s Palate. We had missed the show the last cruise. It was pretty cool. The boat was really rocking, and several times we heard dishes crashing. My friend’s DD was feeling sick, she was the only one of the 8 of us that seemed to be affected by the ship’s rocking. Everyone kept saying how unusual it was.

    After dinner, we just chilled and took it easy. Tomorrow St. Maarten!

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