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May 29, 2000
We will be at WDW at Easter and I really don't want to carry baskets or candy for Easter on the plane. Not to mention that I would have to hide them from the kids. Jane at Gift of a Lifetime said they are not sure they are going to do any baskets anymore and would let me know if they will. She suggested contacting WDW florist. Has anyone done this for Easter?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi, Kimmie!
We were there last Easter at the Poly, and they were making baskets for guests right outside the gift shop. I forget the price...it wasn't too outrageous for WDW(LOL). You bought(or I suppose BROUGHT) the things you wanted in the basket, and they would wrap it (and I suppose deliver it to your room the next morning). I went to great pains to "hide" my goodies from my 4 children(I ordered most of the items from The Disney Store...Jesse doll for my youngest and Sorcerer Mickey for my son...then hid them in the cooler for the trip down). I am not sure I could pull it off again or not! My kids all have "special" baskets from my MIL for their first Easter that they leave out for the Easter Bunny to fill each year(like a Christmas stocking)so we had them each bring that. We arrived a few days before Easter, and my husband took the kids to the pool one day while I shopped for pins(we have 4 little collectors)and a lanyard for each of them. There was an Easter Pooh pin, an Earth Day and Spring Break pin, and lots of character pins. I also bought some Disney candy and pens and autograph books. All in all, a great success! You might want to check with the resort first, then try the florist. I am sure the Easter Bunny will find a way!
Thanks Mic, I will check with the dollar store too. I was thinking of using the cooler as my hiding place. I have some time to work on this, but I always get carried away! :D

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