Easter at the BCVs (long)

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    DH and I flew home last night from a 6 night stay at the BCVs over Easter, We had a fantastic time!

    We flew out of DTW on SWA, We got out a tad late out of DTW because the flight was overbooked and they couldn't find anyone to give up a seat on a holiday weekend! Finally, the offer of $200 plus the refund of the purchased ticket AND a priority standby on the next flight to BNA turned a man's head. We had a 2 hour layover at BNA and that flight was booked to the gills, too. SWA was VERY strict on preboarding on this trip both ways. The gate agents made numerous announements that the child had to be 4 or under to preboard and only parents could preboard. Of course at MCO on the return trip a few parents tried to get by. The agent asked the child's age and the parents were "busted" and made to go to the B and C corral. The gate agent at MCO also was making pax check their carryons in the little sizing bins to make sure they fit. We had no line at Dollar to pick up our car at MCO and it was very efficient.

    We arrived at the BCVs on Good Friday at about 3:00. There was no line at check in and it was efficient and we got a "Welcome Home" from the CM. Our one bedroom was ready and we dumped our stuff and headed to PUBLIX off Vineland. We met up with the rest of our party for dinner at Beaches and Cream. We were in room #320 with a good view of Illuminations and a "woods view" The room was in excellent shape. At no time did we see any garbage out in the halls. The room was comfortable as far as the A/C was concerned. Our only complaint was the water pressure in the shower.

    This trip was a vegging trip for DH and myself. We had a local friend join us and we did just a bit of the parks every day. We slept in but did manage to do Illuminations, Fantasmic and Wishes. We noted that they "cover" poor Ariel with a tarp on the showboar during Fantasmic. Tink did not fly during the Wishes we attended because it was VERY windy!!!

    Parks were crowded, but managable with Fast Passes. On Tuesday we managed to hit it right and walked right on Philharmagic and had only a 20 minute wait for HM. DAK was the most crowded of all the parks! We went to MGM and the wind knocked off a piece of the flashing on the back of the Great Movie Ride, so it closed for part of the day. We went to WWTBAM and witnessed a man from New Mexico win the 1,000,000 points and the cruise. That was cool!

    We checked into our studio on Easter Sunday, room #375. This was down the hall near the parking lot, which we really liked. It had an EPCOT view and a very good view of ILLUMINATIONS. Downside of this room is the road noise off EPCOT Resorts Road. Water pressure in the shower in this room was pretty bad. The room was in excellent shape and everything was there that needed to be there. T&T had mousekeeping leave us a couple of extra towels!

    Eating was a priority on this trip for us. We enjoyed 2 meals at B&C and a dinner at YSH. It was wonderful. Easter breakfast was at BOMA"s and that too was incredible! We really enjoyed Earl of Sandwich at DD and kept going back there for lunch/dinner. We had the Florentine, Original, Earl Club and Full Monty. ALL were excellent and we will be eating there on our return visit in July. In addition we grabbed a bite at POP CENTURY food court ( had to see the place) and visited the food courts at POFQ and Riverside.

    We did not see the gator in the canal this trip. I think he's been "relocated".

    Weather was for the most part, great. It was downright cold on Tues and Wed and very windy. I am so glad we packed the jeans and took our jackets, esp for the evening shows! We ended up buying Hot Chocolate for Wishes!

    All in all it was a fantastic trip and ended too quickly. We are looking forward to sharing a 2 bedroom with another DVC owner in July at SSR. There is a Drum Corp show in Orlando and it works perfectly into our plans.

    Hope eveyone here had a great Easter!

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    Thanks for posting. It sounds like you had a relaxing and fun trip. Good for you!:D It is also nice knowing you will be back in a few months, huh? :bounce:
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    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Allison an associate

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