EARS TO YOU 2002....day 3 Magic kingdom

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Day 3

    After our breakfast of pop tarts we dressed in our matching 100 years of magic T-shirts drove over to the Grand Floridian. We took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and began our day. We did all the FantasyLand attractions first with extra rides on Pooh and Peter Pan and the TeaCups. Daddy was getting a little hungry so we headed over to Tomorrow Land. After getting a fast pass for Buzz we all went to lunch at Cosmic Ray’s . The kids had fries and Daddy and Mommy shared a steak-um and cheese sandwich with fries. It was still early so we took a ride on the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority and then it was time for Buzz Light Year’s Space Ranger Spin! We always have fun together on this and Kayla was very proud that she got more points then her brother this time. We had missed the Jungle Cruise the last trip so it was off to Adventure Land. While waiting for our fast passes we saw the Tiki Birds, enjoyed Citrus Swirls, Rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride and the kids drove the remote control boats and climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. (We have the Swiss Family Robinson movie at home so it was a lot of fun watching it after this trip with the kids as they recognized a lot of the rooms in the movie and were excited about having been in the Tree House). After our fun adventures here we moved on to Frontier Land to obtain a fast pass for Splash Mountain since this is Kayla’s favorite. The kids have been wanting to explore Tom Sawyers island and it has been some time since we have gone over there so we boarded the raft and were on our way. It was a lot of fun exploring the caves and trails with the kids. They could probable spend an entire day here. We hid in the caves, made scary noises, followed the ducks, bounced on the barrel bridges, played in Tom and Huck’s place, saw the owl in the Mill and explored the fort. Kayla and Michael have Tom and Huck’s movie at home as well. Michael had been wanting to ride the train so next we made a round trip ride on it for him. Kayla then had her ride with Daddy on Splash while Michael and Mommy played in the Splash play area for little ones under 40 inches. Dinnertime was approaching so we boarded the train once again for a ride back to Main Street.

    We had a 5:00pm PS at Ohana’s. At Michael’s request we rode the boat over to the Polynesian. We had a nice walk around the grounds while trying to decide how to spend our evening after dinner. At Ohana’s we were seated at a nice window table with a view of the boat docks and the Magic Kingdom. Our server was excellent and paid a lot of attention to the kids. We all enjoyed our dinner here and even had seconds on the apples and carmel sauce. Kayla and Michael participated in the coconut races and had a ball! Kayla did pretty well and Mommy helped Michael along. Daddy cheered them on at the Finish Line. They each received a handful of gummy worms at the Finish Line and we will have fun memories of this time forever!

    Daddy, Kayla and Michael wanted to go back to the Magic Kingdom and see Spectromagic and Tink so that is how we would spend our evening. A quick monorail ride brought us back and we had time for a visit to the Haunted Mansion before the parade. We had about a 15 min. wait but spent time looking at the tomb stones and before we knew it we were “dragging our bodies into the dead center of the room” After seeing all the happy haunts here we obtained our parade spot in Frontier Land. Daddy had been promising Kayla and Michael the swards so these have now been added to their collection of trinkets from our Disney trips. They played with each other with these while waiting for the parade to start and Mommy and Daddy shared a Dole Whip. Before we knew it the music started and the lights began to twinkle down the street. Kayla and Michael were still wide-awake, which is unusual for them as they normally fall right to sleep in the stroller after the parade. Kayla had never seen Tinkerbell fly so we walked to our favorite spot behind the castle at little bridge walkway to Tomorrow Land. We had our own private spot on the benches and watched Kayla’s face light up as she saw Tink fly from the Castle. “She is real and she’s as big as me Mommy” (After watching Hook, Kayla knows that Tink can make herself big if she really wants to). I wish the innocence of childhood could last forever! The fireworks started and walked over to Tomorrow Land where Daddy took Kayla potty (what a good Daddy!) so Michael and Mommy could watch the fireworks together in the stroller (yes mommy sat in the double stroller holding Michael’s hand as we watched) Another Spectromagical Night!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow: “And now it’s time to say Goodbye” again………..
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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great day you all had - your dd's comment about Tinkerbelle made me smile today - thanks for posting!
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Very nice day!

    I agree with Marla, your DD's appreciation of Tink was so precious!

    Thanks again for sharing!

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