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I know there have been several posts about who is and is not eligible for Early Entry now, but I'd just like to positively clarify what the CURRENT or NEW policy is since I'm still a bit confused after reading all of them. I will be visiting IOA/USF in late May, and I will be purchasing my 2-Day Escape Passes from my local AAA office in advance before the end of April. Does this entitle me to Early Entry privileges, or are resort guests now absolutely the ONLY ones who are eligible for Early Entry? Don't mean to beat a dead horse, there's been so much written here about this I just want to make sure I'm on the right track! Thanks!

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According to the people at 800-711-0080, multi day passes do entitle you to early entry. I called twice last week to double check.

Can anyone verify that this is correct
not sure about other passes. I told the woman when I called the other day someone told me there is no early entry with any pass. According to her she said he was wrong. I call one more time. (Third time's a charm so they say)
I called the same # this morning (4/15) & I got the same answer that multi-day tix do get early entry. Early entry is at 8 a.m. Sun. & Th. at USF and Mon. & Wed. at IOA.


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