Eaglecreek (BIG) Fannyback


Sep 18, 2000
I just bought a discontinued model of an Eaglecreek fanny pack (cheap) which is about ll inches across and about 4-5 inches wide when packed. Has many pockets and can actually hold a cold lunch (insulated in part),water, phone and all my other necessaries for a day at the park. Anyone every carry around such a thing? (Good thing is that it's hands-free) Should I just stash snacks and lunch in a locker in a backpack? I thought it would be alot of trouble to trek back to a locker but you guys are the experts. Please give me your thoughts. (six weeks to go!) :D
Sounds perfect to me. Where did you get it??

I got it from www.overstock.com. The thing is, I was interested in the one recommended by Passporter, but that model was $39 plus shipping at ebags. This one was $29 with no tax or shipping. I don't know how many they have left since there are always a limited number of things when they're discontinued models. So if interested, you'd better check the site immediately.(use search engine typing in either "Eaglecreek" or "packs and duffels". It won't come up if you type in waistpack or fannypack.

P.S. Thanks for your advice!

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I got the large sidekick on campmor.com for $16.99..it's large enough to fit the passporter in..so it should be large enough to carry quite a bit of other stuff..good luck!

22 days and counting till Disney Honeymoon

I was almost ready to send my Eastpack back when I saw the other deals I missed. The one from Sierra Trading Post is like mine, nice and large, $23.95 plus shipping, totaling $27.95. That one is a discontinued model too-I think it's exactly like mine. I couldn't find anything similar to mine on Campmor.com, but they have a very nice, large Jansport fannypack, doesn't have as many features, but large enough to hold alot of stuff. That one was $16.97 plus tax and shipping, totaling $23.49. (I hate when I miss a good deal on the internet) Hope this helps!


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