E-nights, park hours and early entry


Earning My Ears
Jan 11, 2001
We will be at WDW June 4-7. Where can I find out park hours and any E-nights during that time.

Also, we will be staying on-site but one of my daughters may not be an "official" resort guest because we plan to get LOS passes for the other five of us but only either single day or possibly 4 day hopper for her since she has to leave after only 2 days for a summer trip--will she still be able to do early entry and E night?

Any help on any of these questions would be appreciated.


Feb 3, 2000
Since everyone in the room has to use Length of Stay passes if you want to use them and since she won't be a registered user of the room and since you have to be a resort guest to do EE, I'd guess she won't be eligible.

Why don't you do Park Hoppers instead?

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