DxDDP ADRs - Help I'm already stuffed

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by arcticdisneylovers, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. arcticdisneylovers

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    Jan 10, 2009
    I'm so excited, I was finally able to booked everything we wanted and more :banana: After weeks of trying I finally got Le Cellier and Ohana's :cool1: But I need some advice, I'm unsure of Artist's Point :confused3 But FF and Citricos menus just don't appeal to us. Are there any other good options we're missing? There will be me, DH and DD6. We are early risers and DD will be in bed most nights as soon as we watch Wishes. We staying at CR - MK view room. We did DxDDP last January for a week and loved it. We know it's too much food but we love to eat :lmao: Any advice would be appreciated :worship:

    Saturday, Jan 1st – No Park - Flight arrives 10:45am
    Lunch – Comtempo Café (2)
    Supper – Ohana’s (3) 6:00pm

    Sunday, Jan 2nd – Sleep in - No Park/Downtown Disney
    Breakfast – Kona Cafe (3) – 9:00am
    Lunch – Earl of Sandwich (2)
    Supper – Narcoossee’s (6) - 5:30pm

    Monday, Jan3rd – Epcot
    Breakfast – Norway Princess (3) – 8:20am
    Lunch – Snack Credits
    Supper – California Grill (6) - 5:30pm

    Tuesday, Jan 4th – MK
    Breakfast - Crystal Palace (3) – 8:10am
    Lunch – Snack Credits
    Supper –Cinderella’s Table (6) – 4:15pm

    Wednesday, Jan 5th – DHS
    Breakfast – H & V (3) - 8am
    Lunch – Snack Credits
    Supper –Yachtsman Steakhouse (6) – 5:15pm

    Thursday, Jan 6th – Epcot
    Breakfast – Ohana’s (3) – 7:55am
    Lunch – Le Cellier (3) – 2:35pm
    Supper – late CS or room service

    Friday, Jan 7th – AK
    Breakfast - Donald Safari (3) – 8:10am
    Lunch – Snack Credits
    Supper – Yak & Yeti (2) – 4:45pm

    Saturday, Jan 8th – MK
    Breakfast – Chef Mickey’s (3) – 7:30am
    Lunch – Columbia House or Pecos Bill’s (2)
    Supper – Spirit of Aloha Show (OOP) Cat 1 - 5:15pm

    Sunday, Jan 9th – Epcot
    Breakfast – Cape May Buffet (3) - 7:30am
    Lunch – Biergarten (3) – 12:00pm
    Supper – Garden Grill (3) – 5:20pm

    Monday, Jan 10th – Epcot
    Breakfast – Sleep in – Contempo Café (2)
    Lunch – Teppan Edo (3) – 12:10pm
    Supper – Artist’s Point – (6) – 5:30pm

    Tuesday, Jan 11th – MK
    Breakfast – Crystal Palace (3) – 8:10am
    Lunch – LTT (3) – 11:30am
    Supper –Narcoosse’s (6) - 5:30pm

    Weds, Jan 12th – MK - My parents will pick us up around 2pm
    Breakfast – Cinderella’s Castle (6) - 8:15am
    Lunch – Pecos Bill’s/Columbia House (2)
  2. Eeyore's Pal

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    Nov 14, 1999
    It's too bad the FF men doesn't appeal to you, because it would make a good substitute for Artist's Point on this evening...You're going to burn a lot of time going from Epcot to WL and back again.

    Monday, Jan 10th – Epcot
    Breakfast – Sleep in – Contempo Café (2)
    Lunch – Teppan Edo (3) – 12:10pm
    Supper – Artist’s Point – (6) – 5:30pm

    OTOH, I think a trip to WL is always worthwhile, as it is a magnificent resort. Have you ever eaten in Whispering Canyon Cafe? Your DD might enjoy the antics there.
  3. Colleen27

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    Mar 31, 2007
    Along the lines of what Eeyore' Pal noticed about the 10th, have you considered switching Artist Point to your DHS day, since presumably you won't be going back to the park after dinner that night, and booking Yachtsman for the 10th? It is much easier to get to from Epcot, while WL is very easy to get to from the CR. That is a lovely boat ride, even in January, as long as you're dressed for the weather.

    Aside from that, you've got some great choices. A lot of our favorites are on your list! We really enjoyed Artist Point, California Grill is a must-do on every trip for my family, and my lobster-loving DH & DS just adore Narcoosees. Teppan Edo is one of my son's favorites too, and LTT was excellent if a bit heavy side for lunch (totally my own fault; their pot roast is one of those things that you keep picking at even when you're full because it is just that good!).

    Personally I wouldn't do CRT twice in one trip; I'd keep the breakfast and change the dinner to Kona or the Wave, but that's just me. We really weren't impressed with the food at CRT, so it is one of those things for us that's worth doing once a trip for the experience if I can get an ADR that fits our plans, but not more than that.

    Have fun! We love the DxDDP because we too love to eat, and after two trips with it I wouldn't want to do Disney any other way.

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