DVD Players at HGVC 2BR??


Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2002
Does anyone know if they've installed DVD players at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club at SeaWorld? or are they still just offering VCR's?


I'm guessing they still have VCR's, since they have video rentals on property I doubt they'd replace a couple hundred videos with DVDs. Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll have DVD players available on request (my DH would be thrilled ... he'd bring alone 1/2 dozen DVDs from home).

Since I have to call them tomorrow morning anyway with another question, I'll try to remember to ask them about this to and post the answer here.
We were at the Vistana last year and they had a CD player. Will the HGVC? What's the story with the TVs? We'll be checking in in just 3 days!!!!
I just called the HGVC @ Sea World property and they do have CD players in all condos that are 1 bedroom units or larger (only the studio units do not have them).

As for DVD players, only "some" units have them (she thought only the penthouse condos).

I'd suggest when filling out the survey about your stay include comments about how you'd like to see DVD players in the condos (or available for a nominal fee) in the future.
Thanks Ivanova. Good to hear they have the CD players. We'll be in a 2 bedroom. We actually have two units, one is a standard and the other is a lockoff so I'll let you know what we find. Besides the in room entertainment I'm sure you're aware of the 50 seat theater which you can rent. Depending on the movie offering and cost we'll plan to do that at least once. It should be fun.
I know you've already left, but for anyone who'd be interested....

Yes, you can rent the 50 seat theater for $20 ... and you can pick the movie you want to see. I called HGVC and asked for the recreational activity calendar. They ended up mailing me a 24 page booklet. Wow.

Found out the also have pool-side and in-room massages (good deal compared to the price of massages at resorts in Vegas!!!).

There was a ton of other info in the booklet too.


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