DVC Tour on NYE 2018?


Earning My Ears
Jun 21, 2018
Hi! I'm new to DISboards. My parents and I will be staying at All-Star Sports from 12/31/18 to 1/1/19. Our flight lands in Orlando at 1:00PM on December 31st. We are not planning to visit any park on NYE; also, we are fairly sure that we will not plan to watch fireworks from outside of a park (i.e. at a resort, with an ADR, etc.).

I am thinking of booking a DVC tour for December 31st in the late afternoon (i.e. starting sometime after 4:00PM). My parents are potential buyers and have already conducted extensive research (including chatting with members of our extended family who bought into DVC years ago). This tour will be part of their research process and they do not intend to sign papers on the same day as the tour.

Has anyone else ever booked a DVC tour on the afternoon/evening of NYE?
I am very concerned about the traffic in the WDW area. The main reasons why I am considering booking a tour on this date are:
- it sounds like a fun way to kickstart our vacation.
- our 5 park days (Jan 1-5, inclusive) are jam-packed and I'm struggling to find another free time period for us to book a tour without cancelling something else.
- we want to do something on Dec 31st but are very reluctant to book an ADR because we are flying out of a country with EXTREME winter weather and there may be flight delays. In other words, we don't want to lose money for cancelling something at the last minute.
- the potential fastpasses would certainly come in handy (especially because one of the members of my family lives with chronic illness).

Are all DVC tours at Saratoga Springs? I haven't been able to find a clear answer to this question even though I've looked into it quite a bit.

Do DVC tours start as late as 4:00PM (or later)?

I'm sorry for rambling. Your thoughts are so appreciated!


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