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Jan 12, 2001
We just joined DVC and have a couple questions. I know that Disney resort guests are guaranteed admission to the parks even if they are considered full. Do DVC members still get that guarantee? Also, if we are buying annual passes how will the people admitting guests into the park know that we are resort guests?

Regarding the annual passes, is it better to purchase them when you get to Disney or prior to leaving on vacation? If it is better to get them in advance, where do you purchase them? Do DVC members get any kind of discount on passes?

Thanks for the help!
DVC Members get a resort ID card just like any other WDW resort guest. You would show this if they were limiting entrance to WDW resort guests. The only advantage to getting an annual pass ahead of time is to avoid a price increase. Prices were just increased in January, so they probably will not go up again soon (but you never know). DVC members do not get a discount on annual passes. You can get a Disney Club discount, it saves about 5%. If you are buying more than 2 passes, the Disney Club will pay for itself. The price is $39.99 for a new membership, $29.99 if your company participated in the MKC program (which is the renewal price).
Another advantage to buy your AP's early (and then process them when you are at WDW) is to spread out the expense of the trip.

For our September trip last year we bought airline tickets in May and ordered our AP vouchers in July. That way by the time we went to WDW our airfare and AP's were paid off. All we had to "dread" was our room/food/souvenier bill! :)

Just my $.02

ohiominnie :p
I know DVC members get 10% off Unlimited Magic Pass's (are they still called that?). There is also some other deal about getting 5 day Hopper pass's over a several year thing. That one did not sound too good when I read the small print.

Lately we've been getting AP's with the DC discount.


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