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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by Cinderella1122, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times. Are you able to link a DVC reservation and CRO reservation? I have family who might want to join us for our upcoming DLR resort. I dont have enough points to upgrade to a 2 bedroom and they are going to pay for a studio. I would like to link they together and put in arequest that the rooms be near each other.
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    Unfortunately CRO and DVC are separate companies so you can't link them. Why would you want to, I don't see the benefit?

    :) Bill
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    You can't link reservations for different units types such as as studio to a 1 BR. What you can do is reserve each making sure the booking category (standard view, pool/garden view, etc) are the same as much as you can control. Then you can ask they be combined and/or near each other. This may not be your best option though if you're sure everyone is going, you might look at changing your reservation and you might look at getting cash discounts for some of the nights through CRO which CAN be linked to a reservation. You'd change your current reservation to the 2 BR for the nights you have points for and is available then book the other nights on cash through MS (not CRO) and you could possibly get a discount as well of 25%. Even if the discount is not available now it might be later and they will change the rate for you even if booked already though I'm not sure it they do it automatically. You could also get more points from someone else either by transfer or a rental, if as a rental, you could link to your other reservation. IF you decide to do it as a rental, I'd do a 3 way call so you can book it all and make sure you get BOTH components OR do it as refundable if you can't get the other portion yourself.

    Remember weekend nights are more expensive, even with the reallocation, so booking weekdays and paying cash weekends can still be a great option.

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