DS got his braces off today!!!


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Jul 27, 2000
My DS15 got his braces off this afternoon!!! I can finally see that beautiful smile I paid so much money for:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc
That's great and I'm sure he had a great smile even with the braces!!;)
Congrats to your DS!! :teeth:

My DS14 got his off a few months ago and I still love seeing his smile :) Eventually DS11 will be getting braces too.....
Cool.... Never had braces (even though I practically begged the orthodondist to give them to me)... had a nasty retainer. Bleah. :)
dd gets hers on aug 19 she is so excited. go figure. and boy are they $$$$$$$. they went up about 3 grand since i had mine:( many moons ago


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