Drivers Liscense required for Disney Dollar Purchase at Disney Store?


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Sep 15, 1999
I went to the Disney Store last night to purchase DD and befor anything else they ask to see my Drivers Liscense. Is this usual practice?

I have never had them ask for it befor tonight what if I did not drive?!?

No, we just bought Disney Dollars for Easter baskets and they gladly accepted our cash. ;) Never heard of that one!
well I have had problems with this particular CM befor being rude and not very friendly.The one who asked for my Drivers Liscense was new but the other CM is a manager. Befor I left the store I was really beginning to get steamed!

I was cashing in my Rewardzcard and my husbands and the made a big deal of that "What are these?"

Do you have proof that your husband is your husband? etc etc.

Now rewardzcard are backed by Mastercard with mastercard logo on them.I had to show them my checkbook with mine and DH name on it befor they would give me his DD.

I would not even go to this DS but it is the closest to my house so it is the most convenient.

sorry so long.just venting still pretty p.o.-ed:mad:

I would think they were just making sure you were you, and not someone who had stolen the Reward. Regardless of the fact they are backed by MC, the fact remains they could have been stolen. Look at it as a protection for you, not a slap against you. As to checking as to your husband's identity, well, they were probably just covering themselves as well. As annoying as it can be, they were probably just following procedure. The rudeness, however, should not be tolerated.

Were you using your husband's rewardz card (like a charge card, right?) to buy the Disney Dollars and he was not there with you at the time of purchase? If so, to any store it looks as though you are trying to charge on a charge card that is not your own. Any credit card does not allow this - although people get away with it all the time. Technically, any charge card you use HAS to be in your name, with your signature on it. That's why they made a big deal about the whole situation. But I agree, rudeness is definately unacceptable.

Kristy and Gail-

they did not know how or with what I was going to buy the Disney Dollars with when they ask for my drivers liscense!

I had only said I needed to purchase Disney Dollars!

so sorry that does not wash. it was just total rudeness!flat and simple.

here is how it went:

I walked up to the counter CM #! new said "can I help you?"

I said"yes I would like to purchase some Disney Dollars."

CM#! said "I have to see your Driver's Liscense."

then it went from there.


if a wife presents her husband's card and he is not there and she tries to sign for it, we will not honor it. I know this is not what happened in your instance, just a FYI. That is what we are instructed to do.

The only rule I know about regarding Disney $$'s is that normally we will not sell more than $100 to one individual in one day. I was told that if someone is presenting a bad card or a bad check, that it helps to defray the loss.

Sorry you were inconvenienced. I have to say that when I use my Beenz card, I expect some questions, even in my own store, as it is a bit of an unusual looking card with that big red Beenz and not a bank logo. Guess I won't have to worry about that to much longer though with Beenz going down the tubes:mad:
but the rudeness of the question.What does who I am had to do with purchasing DD?

If you are a CM at the DS what was the point of this question?

At the time they had no idea how many DD I wanted to buy what I was paying for them with or anything.

by the way I only purchased $84.00

Just wanted to add that the CM's at our other local store that is farther from my home are always nice and very helpful.I have purchased DD there with these cards before and never was I ask for a drivers liscense or anything else for that matter.And yes I can understand if they did not really want to give me the ones on my husbands card.He was in the car with ODS who was asleep.If need be he could have gone back in to purchase.

But it was all the unnecassary questions that steamed me?

and the tone of voice in which they were said!

Let me also add one more thing the CM that is a manager know me I shop this store all the time.I am in and out of her store at least once a week.

Mal - I visit my son who attends school in Chattanooga, and I always go to the Disney Store at Hamilton Place Mall when I am there (not one in my town). Is this the store??? Or was it at another one? How weird you were treated that way!
I do not see any reason for them asking to see your driver's license when you just said you wanted to purchase DD! I am afraid I am not as nice as you. My response would have been

Afraid I cannot answer as to why that particular CM asked the questions that they asked. The only time we ask for a drivers license is when a check is presented and we have to verify the information on the check.

Is it possible that CM is new and does not have a clue as to what they were doing?

Again, I am sorry it happened.
It was the Northgate store.

And yes she was NEW like I stated in a earlier post but the manager was standing right next to her and did not say anything to her.

I have always found this store to be most unfriendly.And they have no reason to be Northgate is nowhere near as busy a store as Hamilton Place.And won't be if the attitude does not become more DisneyLike!

Just my two cents...

Maybe a call is in order to that store manager or the regional manager to inquire why the cast member is doing this. The RM should be told that you find the store to be very unfriendly.

Hi, Mal,

I purchased $25 in DD at the Northgate store about a week ago but no one asked to see my ID. I don't go to that store often enough to know the CM's (usually go to the Hamilton Place store).

I can't see the justification for asking for your license just because you wanted to purchase DD. Haven't had a problem with rudeness but I do like how the Northgate store isn't usually crowded when I'm there.
have you ever noticed that they just are not as friendly at Northgate as Hamilton Place?

Maybe it is just me they do not like.:(

There is just a different atmosphere at the Hamilton Place Store.

Someone posted that they only will sell 100 DD to one individual per day..... my DH ran into this problem when he was their last month, he wanted to purchase 500 DD and kinda got a hassle, but he was paying w/ cash and they did give them to him. I'm not sure if it was the cash that made a difference or that the manager was nice. Is a cash transaction included in this policy? I would hope not because I see no real justification otherwise......They do want your money don't they?:rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes:
TDS has recently changed their policy of only sell $100 per guest per visit. April76 told me about it. I visited my DS they weren't aware of limit change until they checked their SOP's......I bot 1K in DD over sat & sun, both with cash and Amex...was not asked for id either.
:confused: :confused:
I have recently purchased Disney Dollars at two different Disney Stores near my home and have not had any question about Driver's License.

I agree that this warrants a follow up call to a "higher power" (i.e. regional manager) to see if there is some policy change you are unaware of.

I too used my rewardz card to buy my DD yesterday. I had $50 on my card and so tried to buy $50 worh of DD. It was denied 3x so finally I asked if I could use the stores phone to call th customer service #, it turns out beenz charged me $1 processing fee so i only had $49.:rolleyes: after that I had no problems. They did not ask me for any ID at all. Of course I am virtually on a first name basis at our local DS I go there so often ;)


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