Dress code for Sunday Gospel Brunch at HOB?

Deb in IA

Knows that KIDS are better
Aug 18, 1999
We are booked for the 10:30 show at HOB on June 4. We went to this about 4 years ago, but I can't remember if people were in "Sunday best" or park attire.

Has anyone been lately, and can you give me an idea of what people wear to this?

I'd hate to be in shorts when everyone else is dressed up, or vice versa.



New mom to sweet baby Audrey!
Feb 5, 2001
We were there in Jan. and there was a mix of everything! Some people were wearing their Sunday best while others had shorts on. I wore a denim skirt and tank top and did not feel out of place at all, I think you will be fine wearing whatever you are comfortable in. The place is so dark anyway that no one can really even see what you are wearing!! Have fun!!


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