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Earning My Ears
Sep 20, 2000
Has anyone had any experience with getting DreamsUnlimitedTravel to get these new discounted rooms for you? I know they say they know all of the discounts and try to get them for you, but does that go as far as the 'codes' out there or the upsells or preview rates?

I have used them before and I myself prefer the ease of not having to deal with CRO, but I will do the CRO shuffle if I have to in order to get the best prices....
I have a reservation through Dreams. They got me a better rate than the CRO did. Not sure where they came up with it since the CRO couldn't - but I'm happy. They each came up with a different DC rate. As for upsells and others I'm not sure.

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Yes they will get you the discount rate. I had a reservation with DU for Aug. at the DC rate of $109 at DxL. I emailed my rep at DU and asked if she could look into the $89 rate for me. She emailed back the next day with that rate.
I have used Dreams in the past and had planned to use them this year....but they're quote for my room was $182 and when I called CRO using a discount code I read on the internet - I was ablet to get the same room for $115 a night (which included tax and a third adult). I asked Dreams if they could get me the same rate, using the code, but they stated that they could not confirm that rate and would be unable to get it for me. As much as I want to give them my business, I had to go with the $200 savings.

I still don't understand why they were unable to get me the same rate, but that's their policy. They seem to insist that the rate I got was a state code or a postcard code...and it was neither. I received my confirmation today and theire are NO stipulations on it. All I have to show at check-in is a picture ID and a copy of my confirmation.

I've had great luck with Dreams in the past and would love to use their service again, but this savings was too good to pass up.

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Tink42, glad you got the good deal, but the travel agent didn't get it for you, you got it and had to ask them to make the adjustment. You did your homework, travel professional didn't. You could have made the same arrangements with as many calls as it took you to work out the new rate with travel agent.

TA's don't seem to be necessary unless you are going overseas, or somewhere really exotic. I don't use travel agents anymore, because you often can get a better deal on your own.

Tink could have gotten that deal without an agency. Not trying to insult you Tink, just using your example.

That may be why the codes are deleted from the posting boards, because the travel agencies can't get them for you.

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Yes A1A1, I could have gotten the rate myself, maybe after one call to CRO or after 5 calls to CRO, who knows. Maybe I would have gotten a friendly CM, maybe a rude one.

One email to DU was all I needed to do for her to get it for me. Also one email will get me PS's for a week's worth of dining. Yes I could call WDW myself but I find this easier.
Tink, I 'm glad this worked for you. I haven't in fifteen trips to WDW had a rude CM on the phone.

I agree that the promotion situation at CRO is a little interesting, but seems like your TA didn't have the code either.

That was always helpful when promotions could be shared here on the boards, apparently that is how you got your TA to get the rate for you. Good thing the promotions were posted for you. Too bad they can't be anymore.
Hi Genebart, I originally booked my room only reservation with Dreams Unlimited about a year or so ago. At that time, I booked at rack rate. I booked 2 rooms also. Just today, my agent, Michelle H., just saved me $932 on our 2 rooms. The discount was for PA residents for when we go in May 2001. All I have to do is show a valid PA drivers license when I check in. She did all the work for us and we saved the money. DU has already done 2 Priority Seating arrangements for us so far too. It was a chance I took, not ever booking over the internet before, but it has worked out for me. I say give them a try. Good luck!!
I'm using Dreams and couldn't be happier!! I learned about the $89 rate on these boards but when I emailed my TA at DU to ask her about it she was ALREADY working on it for me. She always gets back to me in minutes (even when she was handling someone else's work load). I am going to be traveling with a 3 year old so want to be able to do character meals, PS, etc, etc, etc. Quite frankly, I don't really have that much time to spend on the phone. A quick email to my TA and I'm done. BTW, I wasn't able to get the $89 rate (didn't have enough time to call CRO 20+ times) but my TA got it within 24 hours. I think they are awesome!! And look forward to working with them more in the future.


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