Dreams Unlimited.....Cruises other than Disney??


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Mar 6, 2002
I thought that I had read (a while back) that Dreams could now book other cruise lines as well as Disney.

I just went to their website and can't seem to find any info about other lines besides Disney.....Is there a way to find out which lines and itineraries they can book?

Thanks for the info...I realize this isn't Disney Cruise related but we are thinking of doing a different kind of cruise next summer (Alaska or Hawaii) and wondered if they had anything to offer.
and found a bunch of cruises like Carnival, Royal Carribean etc. You can check availability and everything on their site from what it looked like. I didnt check it because I didnt have enough time but here is the link


Hope this is what you were looking for!
Thanks Hydster, the link you've provided does indeed work well but how do you get there from their main page? I went to www.dreamsunlimited.com and wasn't able to find what you have found. I guess I must be missing something obvious.

Either way, thanks for the info, it's what I wanted.

When you type in dreamsunlimited.com it will pop up a page that has a white ship in the upper 1/3 of the page. Underneath it there is a paragraph that says
Check out our NEWEST area, DreamsCruise! Find UNBELIEVABLE discounts on a wide variety of Cruises including Norwegian, Cyrstal, Carnival, and many more!! CLICK HERE for more info

It is just to the right of the mailing list information and just above the box that says Special Offers!
Hope that helps!
The website is just ok. But we did book w/ them for a Celebrity Cruise and the price was great and went down when I later inquired about a cheaper fare I'd seen on their site. So far so good.
The link that Heidi gave takes you directly to Dreams Cruise:

Dreams Cruise

The area will become more prominent on the Dreams website sometime in the future. :)


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