"Don't be the Bob Saget." - Sage advice from today's Dis Unplugged


From Planning to Owning in one Pandemic
Mar 14, 2021
Today's podcast warmed my heart and was full of planning tidbits from different perspectives. Jackie's take was exactly to the point about being honest about needing time in the room, and not wasting time being offended if other people in your party aren't into your plans.

My DH mentioned this morning that his big fear is that I would be disappointed after spending so much (years, due to C-19) time planning. I feel like making the decision to buy DVC took SO much pressure off of trying to fit everything in to one trip. We know we're coming back at least every other year.

Excellent show today, thanks folks!


DIS Veteran
Mar 29, 2019
I get folks needing to take a break. I'm a hiker, so when I get to the parks, I can walk non-stop all day long without getting tired. That doesn't mean the people I'm with can maintain that pace for an extended period of time.

I did like the advice about an early dinner. That was golden. I usually opt for an early 11a lunch, but I might have to try the early dinner idea instead.