Dog Kennels At WDW???


Hilton Head DVC Owner
Dec 22, 1999
I saw the post about the kennels near HH. Being the new owner of a german shepard puppy (38 pounds at 13 weeks of age), I would be interested in knowing what kennel facilities and recommendations are at WDW?

Thanks...and yes, a saddle came with the puppy...*L*
Haven't used them before but they are near the transportation and ticket center and the Poly; driven past them many times. I remember looking at the rates a while back and they were very close in price to our local kennels. (cheap by Disney standards). The only other thing I remember is that you are required to visit your pet and walk them every day.

Oh, and BTW, I hear you can room your dog WITH you at the VWL. ;) HA! HA! HA! Sorry everyone, just had to toss the dog a bone! HA! HA! HA! ;)
Yes, I remember seeing the kennel now...thanks, I believe I may have taken a bit of a nap there for a minute....

And how silly of me to forget that I should take the dog with me to later this year, he should be big enough I could disguise him as a pony and just tie him up outside the room for a few hours each day....maybe I could make some spending money by giving "pony" rides each day to others at the resort...

Again, thanks...*S*
Originally posted by msdis
Oh, and BTW, I hear you can room your dog WITH you at the VWL. ;) HA! HA! HA!

beat me to the punch!! I was just going to mention that!!

seriously can have your 38 pound, 13 week old German Shepherd puppy right there in the room with you, as long as you call it your guide dog. ;) ;) ;) ;)

ohiominnie :p

There are also kennels at Fort Wilderness, MGM and Animal Kingdom. My wife use the kennels at FW last summer for a couple of days for two of our show dogs. She was very impressed the facilities.
There are kennels at each of the parks. We used them several times for our show dogs when we combined a WDW trip with a dog show trip. They will kennel them either inside or out at your request. The outdoor portion has larger runs and is under a roof for protection. We had to go walk the dogs once a day, but it was nice to take a break. The facilities were spotless and very knowledgable workers. They used to give you a little paper certificate for each dog each day. :D One trip we could have wall papered the kennel when we returned, because we had 3 dogs there for 5 days!;)
the FW and Epcot Kennel have room to walk your animals. So does the T/T if your dog does not get scare by buses. The Studios/AK does not have a walk area. Your dog will definitely need to walk so I would pick either FW/Epcot. If you pick Epcot tell the person at the security/toll parking booth that you need the kennel parking. (you get to park closer). Accept people to want to touch your dog so if he is anti-social he would be better off at FW. to get to FW kennel from OKW (if you need BWV email me) take a left on Community Dr then a right on Bonnet Creek Parkway (when this dead ends) take a left on Vista Blvd - you will go pass golf courses and a security booth if you don't have your car pass be prepared to show him/her your reservations after this turn immediately right follow this road to the kennel (this is extra parking for FW and RC).

If you opt for the outside kennels can your dog actually walk around and "go"? Do they also feed your dog or do you need to bring your food from home?

they have food (dry) that they will feed your dog - providing that you are there - or your dog is friendly. (don't know about the outside kennels - my animal is a cat). the outside kennels are generally used when someone does not have all the shots that are needed.

Meant animals (cats and dogs) they will not go near - who wants to be bitten. You would have to take your animal out for them to clean the cages and be feed.

Please walk your animals. I generally walk my cat (yes I say cat) 3 times a day even at WDW.

I forgot to say it is $9 overnight if you are a WDW resort guest, $11 if you are staying off site. (plus the $6 parking fee).
Even though I do NOT like leaving my dog at a kennel, my 3lb yorkie has been left at the Epcot kennel. I must say I couldn't have been more impressed with the staff there. We brought her because she was not that old, probably 6 months, and didn't feel anyone at home could care for her the way she needed to be cared for. She had to be on a diet of Karo syrup and warm milk with small pieces of dog food in it. Strange, I know, but that's how small yorkies need to be treated. After a very long drive, my poor puppy was very sick, throwing up stomach acid and anything else she digested. When we took her to the kennel we explained all of what was wrong with her. Two days later she was like a changed dog! She was totally fine and in very high spirits. They really gave her a lot of attention and care and I would recommend that kennel highly.
They not only fed the dogs, but cleaned up too. The outdoor kennels were requested by us one trip so we could kennel some of the dogs together. Yes, they can potty out there too.


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