Does the Meadow Trading Post sell stuff for S'Mores?


DIS Veteran
Nov 10, 1999
If so, is it less expensive than buying the ingredients at the campfire?
They do sell stuff for S'mores and it was our thinking that we would save money buying them there. When we went to check out the CM asked us if we were going to the campfire and said they sell the same thing there and it is cheaper. It was between $4-5 for a s'more kit for a family of four and it had two roasting sticks, two hersheys candy bars, a convenience store size box of grahms (honeymaid I believe) and a large ziplock of marshmallows (as large as a prepackaged bag) and wet wipes. All of this we could have bought at the meadows trading post but we saved at least a couple of dollars buying it at the campfire.
And of all of the items in the kit the wet ones are the most valuable!!!!:crazy:


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