Does anyone watch the show "Popstars"?


Where did my other 250 posts go, waaaaaaah
Oct 15, 1999
If you watched it yesterday, could you tell me why there was a replacement in the group? I missed the first bit and came in when the new girl was being told she was a member. Why did the other girl leave? Thanks
I missed the first part too. But I heard on the news a couple days ago that Marla stole one of the girls credit cards, put a few thousand dollars on it. Got caught. Out of the band!!
Hi maryann! Yep that's right....I read in the paper today that the other girl stole another contestants purse and money and rang up bills on the poor girls credit card. I also understand that the girl that replaced the "bad" one is from right around the corner from me in Hamilton! Hope she does well. :)


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