Does anyone confirm their bookings independantly when booking thru a travel agent?


Mar 1, 2001
Hi, I just booked a package (car,flight,hotel) to Orlando thru the Flight Centre and was wondering if anyone calls the hotel they booked at to confirm their reservations? Any experiences with this? Thanks!
We booked our flights through an agent. One day I thought I would check to see if everything was on track through the airlines website and found that the dates for the flights were different. I called our agent who called the airline and found out that yes the flights had been changed. I am not sure what would have happened if I didn't check (I was too mad to ask). So we had to try to get other flights for the orginal days and times; but everything was booked (less than 1 week before leaving). So we had to go with the changes from the airlines. If you saw others posts I made I am still a little bitter about this (LOL). Good luck and it doesn't hurt to check to make sure you don't get any surprises!
With all the problems I have been reading about, I would DEFINITELY confirm everything! I, personally could never trust a TA for a package booking. I have always been able to book everything separately for much cheaper. The only thing I use a TA for is to book a flight and even then I do my homework first and check out all the flights then I tell them exactly what flight I want. Thanks goodness I have never had a problem with a TA before but I can't imagine saving up thousands of dollars for a dream trip and then arriving and not have been booked into the hotel!

I hope SandraC is doing okay! She had huge TA problems and is in WDW now!

Cass AKA Timon
We are leaving Friday morning. I tried checking a week ago Saturday. HIFS had our reservations (12 nights) however, the tour company confirmation number is different from the hotel's. National Car Rental had no record of us(different tour company). On questioning the TA we were told that it only hits their system 3 days before. I think I'll try to confirm again tomorrow. :rolleyes:

Airline tickets are through Air Canada/United (no package). Never had trouble with this before, but better to be safe than sorry

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your responses. The package we booked was thru World of Vacations. I called the hotel directly yesterday and started panicking coz we weren't showing up on their system. The I called up World of Vacations and they said that they they send the hotel this information only 2-7 days before our arrival. I asked them how would our rooms still be available, he said something like the rooms are booked, they just send the client info rt before arrival. So I guess I will start calling the hotel & car rental a week before we leave.


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