Does AAA offer rental car discounts??

I haven't rented a car directly through AAA, but most of the major car rental agencies do have a AAA discount - just ask when you call to price a car.
Hertz is the official AAA rental Car.

They usually have coupons at AAA location or by calling
you might want to check hertz....but they are off have to take a shuttle to get there.....

they seem to have midsize right now for 139.99 from one web site i was at...

however, if you use coupons and/or the triple A discount code you may end up with a higher price.....they seem to have different prices depending on what you use to get discounts....not just a base rate which you then use coupons or codes to get discounts least this has been my experience...

you really have to play "around" a lot at their web site to get a good deal

the code they were using for the 140$ was WEBW

While Hertz is the "offical" rental car company of AAA, many other rental car companies will offer the same 10% discount you would get through Hertz for competitive reasons. Just ask when making your reservation. When I worked for Enterprise we always did.
If you are hoping to get a good deal I wouldn't bank on AAA discount it is about 10%. Do some net surfing and search this board there are a number of posts about National and Dollar and how to get the best price. They have coupon codes you can get etc.


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