Do you order your plane tickets Online??

Kitty 34

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Feb 16, 2000
If you order them from an airline's website?

Are there hidden costs?

Do you have your choice of electronic or paper tickets?

How soon do you get confirmation?

Have you ever experiences problems that you might not have if you had gone thru a TA?
For my trip this past November I ordered my tickets from USair's website, no hidden costs, at the end of your selection you can request the paper tickets which I took because you can not check in curb side with the electronic tickets.
You can also select the seats you want. I found it to be very easy. You get confirmation right away and my paper tickets came within a week
Do it all the time and so far, no problems. Delta confirms flights etc. with email and then sends tickets. We flew United last year, and only had paper confirmation from computer, but still no problem. I have found much better deals on the airlines internet booked flights than calling them directly. I like being able to do my own "footwork" of seeking a good deal and finding flights/times that suit us.

Hope this helps a little.
We shop for the best deal from USAir and when we're ready to buy, we call their 800 number. Sometimes there's a difference between what a 'live' agent sees in their system and what's listed on line. Usually the lowest price is on the web, so we just buy there.

Bill From PA
I use USAir's website. You get 5,000 bonus dividend miles the first time you use it and 1,000 each time after. They frequently offer discounts too, only available online. I get e-tickets, just screen print the confirmation. I also like being able to go back in online and view the reservation to make sure nothing has changed.
I order my tickets on line all the time. Depends on the carrier as to whether there is an additional charge for paper tickets. I only use Etickets and print them right out on my printer, also, I have them email me a copy.
I use SWA and Delta (and once AA) for domestic travel and have never had a problem with etickets.
We also book on line with USAirways. Something to keep in mind though, some on line booking flights are not refundable, especially the ones that are "great deals". If your not sure, I suggest calling before booking on line. Always read the small print . It's much better to know before the fact than after!

We've bought our tickets on line at for the last three years. The price on the web has always been a little cheaper for us. Delta sends us an email confirmation and I print out the final purchase page, and they send us an itinerary in the mail in a week or so. The past 2 years, I changed my etickets to paper tickets at our local airline office. Not sure if I will change them to paper this year. Delta issues etickets only when you book on line.

We haven't had any problems, and like the ease of booking on line and being able to keep track of our reservations on line. We also receive extra FF miles for booking on line.:)

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We usually always buy tickets online because you tend to get a better deal. We have bought directly from Delta and Southwest Air online as well as used Expedia and Travelocity. We have always gotten an email confirmation and then something in the mail.



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