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Jan 29, 2001
I was the one that asked the question previously about the fruit. OK, I've decided against it. I will live without my delicious and incredible fruit market for a while, I'm sure that I could find something comparable to them in Florida. Anyways, next question is... I read from a lot of the other posts that some people pack wine and/or beer because Disney charges an arm and a leg for these. But because we have a border to cross (and most of those people don't, has anyone done this? I know that wine is supposed to packed tightly around a towel, and it will be fine in a suitcase and airplane, but is this ok with airport officials? Our next trip there will be our honeymoon and we want to be able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine without having to pay a lot of money for it on Disney property.
Yes I've taken wine in my luggage across the border. Wrap it up in the middle of your case and don't forget a corkscrew. We usually buy wine in town at a store - much cheaper than on site. But you can BYOB.

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