do all the parks have the "new" type strollers?


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Jun 15, 2000
It's been two years since our last visit and we are considering just renting a stroller if we need to. But last time only two of the parks had the nice ones. I remember some old! strollers - I believe they were blue and they looked way past retirement age!!!
only 9 days~~~~~~~

Oh, if we rent a stroller at MK and hop to AK do we have to pay for another stroller?

If you go to Deb Wills site, she has pictures of the strollers. If you keep your receipt from one park and bring it to another one you will not have to pay again for another rental. At least that is what I read.

Susan :)
just show your stroller rental receipt at the next park, and you can get another stroller. I know MK and Epcot have the new strollers, which are similar to the AK strollers. We didn't go to MGM on our last trip in Feb., so I don't know if MGM has the new strollers.
We were at all 4 parks this past March, all the strollers are the same, just different colors. We planned on scheduled breaks back at the rooms but my son passed out in the parks every day when we planned on leaving. He is 4 1/2. The strollers were a perfect fit for him as long as he sat correctly in the stroller. It didn't look very comfortable to me for him sleeping, but we have learned with our son is let him sleep in whatever position because if you try to make him more comfortable, he wakes up in a bad mood. And I thought that turning in the stroller at the end of the night would be a hassle, it was anything but. Plenty of people taking in the strollers and handing out the $1.


older children riding? The strollers look like they are made toddlers. We are worried about my girls walking. This will be the 1st year that they are really too big for strollers. But we are thinking about doing it anyway. They are 8 & 6 and weigh about 55 lbs. But we took them shopping for new clothes yesterday and it didn't go well. The oldest was pouting after only 3 hours of mostly airconditioned stores! So, with all of that what would you do?
Hi, I am taking my almost 7 year old in May and also feel the use of a stroller on occasion may be very handy. I want to enjoy the trip to, and I won't if my dd is tired and cranky because I am making her walk.

I figure: they are kids! and with all of the excitement etc of the trip, they are going to get tired. I plan to rent a stroller on an 'as needed' basis. I know some people have opinions about older kids in strollers, but people have opinions about everything. I am going to do what's best for us!

have fun! ;)
I'm with rosiecorolla...We are definitely bringing a light-weight stroller from home for our 5-year-old who is very tiny, and we will rent one for our 8-year-old, who only weighs 40 lbs., if she wants one. They do an awful lot of walking, and why shouldn't they be able to rest their feet/legs when they can. I think it will make the vacation more enjoyable for everyone if they can rest as needed.

My son is 4 1/2. 41 inches tall, and about 36 pounds. We go on a lot of walks at home and I have noticed over the years that he liked to walk a lot more when he was younger. We were going to rent on a as needed basis. We went to AK our 1st day for 1 hour. Walked out to Kilamanjaro Safari (walked right on the ride 5 pm) Walked back to the last Lion King show at 5:45, he was complaining!!! All the other Mothers have carriages for their children. So every day after that we rented a stroller. If he didn't ride in it, the backpack did. He also started to sleep in it, and we didn't need to go back to our room. 2 hour naps!!!! He could stretch his legs out in it. I really don't feel the strollers are made for smaller children. Janis


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