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    I understand that bell services will deliver my checked luggage directly to my room once delivered from DME. If I am in the room at that time, do I tip Bell Services? Also on my day of departure, when I drop my bags at Bell Services to be held until my DME departure (I am flying SWA and cannot do RAC), it isn't necessary to tip anything then, is it? I would just tip when I go to retrieve my bags prior to DME bus pick-up? As far as tipping the DME driver, I expect to do that both ways. I have never used DME or Bell Services on any of my many prior WDW trips, so questions keep popping in my head.
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    Tips are covered using DME on your luggage to the hotel and to your room. I would only tip the DME driver if a) you really wanted to, or b) you actually had something stowed under the bus that they handle (more likely on the return trip). As far as the bell services, if they are just taking your bags and storing them, and then getting them for you and you are taking them to the bus, dont know in that case. I mean you drug them all the way from your room, and you're going to drag them to the bus. I would have a hard time justifying that, but I could be wrong at that point..
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    Tips are not required for automagical delivery of luggage to rooms whether or not you are there.

    Tips are appropriate for all other baggage movements, including baggage stored with the bellhops including carryons with necessities brought upon arrival and including non-participating airline baggage stored after check out and before ME back to the airport. Also separately for a bellhop who "drug" it down from the room for you and for the driver when unloading the bus underbelly. IMHO not for the bellhop who races you to your bag behind the limo and you tell him to return it to you immediately, whether or not he complies.

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