DLP Trip Report - Day1 March 9

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    Aug 7, 2001
    The Cast
    Me, my mother, Zachary – just 8 and Danny 2½

    Day 1 - March 9
    We travelled down to my mums the day before so that my dad could get us all to Birmingham airport in time for the flight (even though I only live 30 mins away – there are no trains early on a Sunday morning)
    Got to the airport really, really early – 08.30, as I had to exchange Zachs’ ticket. The nice lady at the Air France desk let us check our bags even though the flight wasn’t open, so we didn’t have to trawl them all over with us. Then we headed straight through to departure for a loooong wait. Waited in the Starbucks area as they had an enclose child area so we could let the kids get on and kill each other without upsetting other passengers.
    Our flight was supposed to leave at 11.40 so they were really sensible and didn’t call it until 11.25!! – There followed a mad rush for the gate, all the while being urged on by the airport staff to hurry – No!! we don’t care about hanging around mindlessly for 2-3 hours then being told 15 mins before we’re due to leave to hurry!!!
    Flight was fairly uneventful with a little excitement at the end when Zach decided to go off on one and started chanting – “We’re all going to crash – We’re all going to die” over and over as we landed – only muffled slightly by my hand over his mouth.
    Found the bus stop for the Disney bus - it’s upstairs if anyone would like to know – there were a lot of brits that we collected on way up as they were waiting downstairs and I saw their tickets and thought I’d be helpful.
    About 3 buses turned up and wouldn’t let us on, but eventually after about an hour one turned up for us – not very trusting lot – Locked the doors and then loaded our luggage, opened up and let us all on one at a time to take our money (14€ adult, 11.5€ child 3-11) or tickets. 45 mins later we got to the Hotel New York where our luggage was whisked away by a very helpful bellboy. We checked in ok, Zach bouncing up and down on the kids check-in trying for a badge but no luck, and then seemed to trudge for miles to our room, which was on the ground floor. It was only 2 mins from reception, by the athletics club, but the bellboy took us the long way round. He then proceeded to be helpful and explain everything about the hotel etc for at least 10 mins until I scrambled for my purse in frantic surrender. We then unpacked – no matter what – I always have to unpack first, it appears I inherited this trait from my mother.
    Finally about 16.00 we headed off to the Parks – woohoo!! Unfortunately halfway through the Village, Zach seemed to have a fainting spell and collapsed on the pavement. Mum diagnosed this on the spot as low blood sugar so we stopped off at Annette’s Diner for a spot of takeout – Blech!! Never again!! €9.5 per hot dog plus a kids meal to share, 1 tea and 1 coffee - €36(nearly £28) The hot dogs were stone cold and they forgot Danny’s brownie!! which I swiftly remedied. Anyway Zach perked up after the coke and fries, we packed up the rest of the nuggets and the precious brownie and proceeded to the DP. We took the undercover route through the mall etc to avoid the crowds and headed straight to Fantasyland, where we found Peter Pan, Casey Jr and the fairytale boat ride were closed – bum! Zach and I decided to get lost in the labyrinth whilst mum and Danny just took in the views of the queues. Halfway round I needed the loo so tried to get out – oh dear where’s the way out?? Eventually got out and headed through the castle in search of a loo. Then we spotted Baloo, King Louie and a whole host of others performing at central plaza so got stuck in watching that. By now it was starting to get dark so Mum and Danny headed back to the hotel, yawning all the way, whilst Zach and I decided to stick around and just check everything out. As it came to 18.30 we staked out our spot just down from the Central plaza, near the coffee truck. I topped up with lovely French coffee – hotdogs only €4.5 here, and we got comfy – for about 2 mins as we got pushed, shoved, stepped on, etc for the next hour as other people (FRENCH!!) tried to snaffle our places. The Electrical Parade was brilliant – I can’t see why they are stopping it.
    Afterwards Zach and I made our way back to the hotel, only stopping off briefly to watch the ice skaters.
    And so to bed.
  2. tclowe

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Thanks for the report, it was fun reading. Looks like we will have to bring elbow pads with us to stake our positions at the parade route!
  3. richard3330

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    Jul 30, 2002
    Thanks for the report.

    I have also had the parade viewing problem (again, trying to be pushed out of the way by French). Last time when DS went to the toilet, a large French woman helped herself to his spot (which I tried to reserve by putting his coat down and his drink on top) she just moved his drink and coat and chuked them behind her to sit down!!! I couldn't believe it.

    Then, when I tried to explain to her that this seat was taken and she had no right chucking his things, she acted as if she knew no English whatsoever and couldn't understand me. I got so frustrated. When DW and DS came back I let him squeeze on the road/kerb right in front of her (sitting up nice and tall ;) )- she finally got the idea that she had to move.

    It was a shame about Casey Jr. & the Boat Ride - I wonder if it will be re-opening?

    Richard. :)
  4. Squidge

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    May 16, 2003
    Just wanted to say thanks for the report. I went to DLP last September and am pining to go back for another trip, so reading your report was almost like being there! Thanks so much!:Pinkbounc
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    The parade thing made me laugh. WHen I went to DLP about half an hour before the parade NO ONE was on the curbs. So I went into a shop to confirm the parade time. Just as the parade starts I am swamped and had to push back against the crowd pushing forward to hold my spot. Luckliy I had been forewarned by the nice CM in the shop so I just dug my heels in. I don't think queing is a french speciality (don't take this wrong, I love France!)

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