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    Michael, 8 ½
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    Thomas 3 ½
    Kevin, 40ish friend of the family (and professional photographer)

    Day 2 (12/16/00)

    DL opens at 8am today, which means EE starts at 6:30. While I absolutely believe in getting to the park early, we just can’t make it by 6:30, but we were there by 7am. Brian and Michael head over to Star Tours, while I take Emily and Thomas to……….you guessed it…..Dumbo. We ride twice, and then ride the carousel and Peter Pan. We meet up with Brian and Michael and ride mr. Toad, and now it’s 10 minutes until the entire park is open. We head straight for Adventureland. There are about 50 people in line for Indy. Michael and I get in line (the CM’s are telling everyone that it will not open until 8am, on the nose) Brian is waiting at the FP line, to snag FP for Indy, also. We are on and off quickly, and get in line for Jungle Cruise, except there is no line, and we walk onto a boat and take off. Thomas loves seeing all of the animals. We then head over to Pirates, and I decide to get Blue Bayou ressies.

    Now, for those of you who have read my other posts, you know this is a budget trip, and the Blue Bayou is off limits. But, our friend Kevin, who was supposed to join us, has bailed on us. I had my mom e-mail him Friday, telling him to call us at the hotel and we have heard nothing. I understand something might have happened, but couldn’t he have called? So, I am still ticked, and decide the way to get over my disappointment is to go to the Blue Bayou (we wanted to take Kevin there, as he has not been to DL since 1972) We are able to get ressies for 1:50, which I want, so we can then head over and see the parade.

    We go back to Indy, for FP and Brian and Michael ride while I take the other kids to the Trazan Treehouse. It’s empty, basically, which is great, because the kids have a great time with the interactive stuff at the end (the pots and all that stuff). Brian comes with Michael and everyone but me does the Treehouse.

    The kids are now hungry, since we really didn’t eat this morning. Brian suggests eating right where we are, but I want to take the kids to the Plaza Inn for the character breakfast. Oops, I didn’t realize it was a buffet ($17.99 for adults and $9.99 for kids) Then I suggest Carnation bakery, and I see the Carnation café next door-wow, we can sit down and be served! This becomes our choice! Emily and Thomas share a kids meal, and Michael orders the cinnamon roll french toast (as does Brian) I order the waffles, because I am afraid that Michael won’t like the french toast. The food arrives quickly, Michael takes one look at the french toast and gets a funny look. I casually say, “Hey Michael, that looks good. Would you like to trade with me?” He eagerly trades and Brian and I both agree it’s good. Total cost, with 2 coffees and tip: $30.

    With everyone refreshed, we head to Autopia to pick up a Fastpass. I call my mom, just to see if she knows anything about Kevin (it’s about 10:15) and discover that he has been trying to contact us, but the hotel desk clerk kept denying anyone with that name is at the hotel. She gives us Kevins phone number in Orange and I call, but he has gone to get a car battery. I am fuming, livid, madder than you know what at the dumb ##@*&%*** hotel clerk. When I calm down, Brian pops over to change the ressie at Blue Bayou and I take Michael and Thomas to the Matterhorn.

    While waiting in line, Thomas picks up gum and gets it all over his fingers. It’s sticky and now it’s all over MY fingers. Thomas explains he picked it up so no one would step in it. The people behind us are cracking up, as I very calmly suggest that we make a new rule-that he tells a mom or dad to pick up the gum instead. A nice young girl offers to run to the bathroom and get some paper towels (she says “I know you don’t want to leave your kids alone in line). She brings back both wet and dry paper towels (THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) and by the time we are done cleaning up, we are at the front of the line.

    We meet back near Autopia and I get a hold of Kevin. His car had broken down and he was a bit frustrated with the hotel. We will meet at 12:15 near the newstand. We ride Autopia and I wait outside the newstand for Kevin. He shows up at 12:20-yeah! Brian and the kids have been inside the Main Street cinema-they have been having a wonderful time watching the old cartoons. We decide to head over to Pirates, and get sidetracked for just a few minutes by the cannon near the entrance of Frontierland, and the shooting gallery. We check in early at the Blue Bayou, asking for water table, but the wait will be an hour or so. The hostess says we might get the 2nd row, and we say okay. There are no more ressies for the day, just the stand by line. I am so glad we made our ressies-I really wanted to take Kevin here. We wait for our name to be called and the kids hang out in the Pirate store-their favorite. (Lunch $73)

    After lunch, I decide to treat the kids to something from the Pirate store-we walk out with a spyglass ($1.95) , and skull ring ($3) and a bag of jewels ($6) I again decide that the kids need a nap. Michael wants to stay with Kevin and Brian, so I walk with the younger kids (I remembered to give the guys their passes, so they can use Fastpass) On the way out, I use my three tickets to get FP for Indy, since the time is 3 or 4 hours away. The kids sleep for almost 1 ½ hours. I wake Emily up, and just put Thomas in the stroller, still asleep and we meet the guys at 5:40. They have already staked out a place for the 8pm parade. They rode Thunder Mountain while we were gone, and the Mark Twain. Michael, Kevin and I use FP to ride Star Tours, and then Indy. We pick up a FP for Pirates (we never made it there this afternoon) and return to our parade spot. We end up with a few snacks (churros-2 and sodas-3, which is $12.50)

    When I walk over, a voice says, “Hello, Julia”. It’s an aide in the class I work with (I’m a speech therapist for a class for children with autism) She and her friends just happened to sit behind my family! We watched the parade and then battled the crowds to reach Pirates. Our plan is for Brian to race with Emily to Main Street after Pirates, to see the snow (she has been waiting for this!) We will just use the walkie talkies to figure stuff out afterwards. As we exit Pirates, we are standing near the candy vendor while Fantasmic in playing. It’s an ace out spot, so Kevin gets to see half of Fantasmic. Afterwards, I decide I have to see the snow also, and we brave the crowds to make it to Main Street. It is packed, and I mean packed. There are now signs up, saying Main Stret is full. They are asking people to walk through the shops, but I have to see the snow. So we walk along the walkway and miracle of miracles, there is a spot right near the bakery. (I assume people have shifted in) We slide in under the rope and watch the fireworks and discover we have the one of the best spots for seeing the snow. After the show is over, people are leaving in droves and we stay put. We find out that Brian and Emily were right near us, but we just couldn’t see them.

    I decide to take Thomas home and Emily wants to go, also. Michael again wants to stay and hang with the guys. So I leave with the kids and head back to the hotel. There is no EE tomorrow, thank goodness, but we need to have the car packed, so it’s not likely we’ll make it there by 8am.
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    [​IMG] <font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=#00009c>I'm really enjoying your report, Julia. My kids like to wait in the cinema for me, too, when I'm shopping.

    Good and bad experiences - sounds like a great day... I had to laugh at the gum incident...

    Oh, and man - what a great mom - you anticipated Michael's reaction to the french toast - that had me smiling as well. :)

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    Sep 1, 2000
    Great report! You sound very organized!
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    Mar 25, 2000
    I hate to wake up early while on vacation but the advantages of EE makes up for it. Thanks for posting!
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    Sep 18, 2000
    Funny how you had to see the snow. I can't stand it anymore. We're having a blizzard as we speak!
    Enjoying your reports!
    CBR 11/29-12/5 2000
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