Disney's Enchanted


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Dec 18, 2020
When it was announced that Disney was gonna make a new type of fairy tale fans could hardly wait to see what the finished project would be like. And so when Disney debuted Enchanted in November 2007 on Thanksgiving in theaters fans were surprised at this new modern spin of a fairy tale and at first people thought it would be a failure even with Susan Sarandon playing the role of the evil Queen Narissa and she did this villain justice. To be honest I never even knew about Enchanted until I was in a CVS store when I saw a Giselle doll in her wedding dress and I thought "what is this movie is it new?" and then a week later my aunt called me and told me she had seen Enchanted because my aunt had a giant crush on Patrick Dempsey and I knew he had a huge role in the movie and then I later found a doll of Patrick Dempsey's character Robert from Enchanted and then I began to understand more about Enchanted and then I became a fan and for Christmas I got the dolls and it was because of my aunt and Enchanted that I became a Patrick Dempsey fan and watched Grey's Anatomy to see Patrick in it. On Easter I finally saw Enchanted and I was surprised at how awesome it was because it was marvelous but the scene stealer was when Robert breaks the spell and wakes Giselle from her sleep and I think Disney copied both the poisoned apple scene from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and the awakening scene from Sleeping Beauty to create this scene for Enchanted. But I don't know why they decided to continue Enchanted with Disenchanted and Disney should've just made Enchanted alone. But I must say Amy Adams is flawless as Giselle but why James Marsden was cast as Prince Edward i'll never know because people know James Marsden from X-Men as Cyclops and the Hairspray remake where James is usually a funny kind of guy but James as Prince Edward was just odd to me
Why I think Disney knew Enchanted would become a solid hit in 2006 for Thanksgiving was because in my eyes this was the film that would show what Disney's future fairy tales would become. But I think it was Amy Adams as Giselle that made Enchanted a huge hit because Amy Adams became a mega star after Enchanted with the film Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day but it was actually Enchanted that proved that Amy Adams showed her talents and acting as well as singing and Amy could easily become the new Julie Andrews. But I think Enchanted also did well because of Patrick Dempsey and many Grey's Anatomy fans watched it due to Patrick Dempsey's marvelous acting. But Disenchanted should've never been made and Enchanted should've been released only


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