Disneyland Trading Rules



Can someone tell me what the rules are currently regarding trading with Cast Members at Disneyland? What kind of pins will they accept? Your help is much appreciated. Susan
From my experience there 2 weeks ago, they accept only cloisonne pins. Pins like the framed Capt.Hook, Wicked Witch, the bronze ones and the shiny coated ones are not accepted for trade with the cast members.

Hope that helps.
My experience is from the end of last May, shortly after the new rules begun.
Something I experienced and want to give you a heads up on ---
The CM's would not acdept hat pins on stand alone pins from a set. But they were on their lanyards to trade with the guests.
For example, there were some hat pins I recognized they had. I had a few and they wouldn't take them. Even when I pointed out I was wanting to trade a hat pin for a hat pin. :rolleyes:
Also, it was apparent some guests had purchased the hear, see, speak no evil that was out and traded one pin. It was not unusual to see a broken up set like that on a lanyard. But they wouldn't accept them from me as such. (Can't remember what I wanted to trade now. And they only knew it because I mentioned to them about their broken up set and mentioned mine was part of a set too, and no go after that.)
So maybe things have changed, but just wanted to let you know what you may run across.
I even wrote a letter to Disney after our trip telling them they had devalued some of their own pins, IMHO, because they were no longer CM tradable. (Animation metal looking series for example.)
And keep in mind the two parks are much smaller than WDW. So don't expect the number of lanyards as you would see in WDW.


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