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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by grandmotherof10, Apr 27, 2005.

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    Apr 9, 2005
    I see that there are Disneyland tickets for sale on EBay. Has anyone ever tried this?
  2. Disneyland_emily

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    Oct 13, 2003
    I would be very very very hesitant to buy tickets off ebay because

    1) DL tickets ALL expire 14 days after first use

    2) You have no clue if they really are good until you get there and then if they are bad? You are totally out of luck

    3) Alot of DL tickets that have gone on ebay are special tickets in one way or another including Military,So Cal Residents only or other appreciation days which they will and have checked for appropriate ID for those.

    Personally if someone is selling passes online below cost of getting them elsewhere there has to be something wrong or a catch with them because I doubt many people want to loose money selling something they paid more for

    Just My Opinion -em
  3. LucyKate

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    Oct 28, 2004
    The "catch" is that they are people who bought a 5-day pass, but only went 3 or 4 days (or something like that) and they are selling you the ticket at a discount so you can use the extra days and they get a little money back.

    There are dozens of listing on ebay offering this, and usually the person concerned is already at Disneyland and arranges to meet you outside the park to hand over the ticket at the end of their holiday. So it only works if you are arriving about the time they are leaving.

    The dangers are, as far as I can see, the tickets have nothing printed on them which tells you how many days they have been used (so you would only find out if the person was telling the truth AFTER you bought them and entered the park), and how many days are left before the pass expires.

    I decided the risks were too great, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone tried this and how it went. I suspect most of the sellers are genuine, but it's possible some are not.
  4. lark

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    Aug 5, 2004
    I think like anything on ebay, if you check the feedback carefully and try to use paypal, you've got some pretty good protection.

    You can also use ebay to figure out what else the person has sold in the last few months, but clicking on the links in feedback. If someone has 100 good feedback, and has sold disney tickets before with good comments, then you're probably ok.

    If you meet the person at disney to get the tickets, and they were (say) 5 day hoppers with alleged 2 days left, then it's probably a pretty good bet they are still good, particularly if the person is from out of state. What would they still be doing at disney if they didn't have 10 days or so left on the passes?

    My problem with doing this is that the cost savings never seems to justify the logistical problems and the risk, no matter how slight.

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