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Apr 28, 2001
Just curious about the Paris Disney - have many UK visitors been? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Did you enjoy it? How easy is it to get around with only a little french? Where are great places to visit and eat? Any really great rides? Are all the rides and shows in French? Did anyone use the hotel as a home base for Day trips to Paris? I was thinking about staying at the Disneyland Hotel - anyone else stayed there? How is the babysitting for evening suppers? When is the best time to go? I was thinking September because Paris is so lovely then. The web site is not very informative at all. Thanks in advance for the information!
I have visited DLParis on quite a few occasions now.

Firstly you have no problems with language at all, I have never come across any cast member who didnt speak English.

I have been in early summer once and the place was heaving, lines were far worse than anything I have encountered at WDW, AVOID!

The best time I have had is in November and December.

We last went just before Chistmas (mid December and mid week) The place was really quiet and really beautifully decorated.The weather was fine every day with only a light iacket requied.

Just about all of the rides you'd expect to find are there.
Pirates,Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder are excellent and better versions than those found at the Magic Kingdom.
Space Mountain is pretty awesome, the building is fantastic and the ride makes the other SMs look like small kiddie rides, beware though it is slightly rough these days and can shake you up.

Just about all shows are presented in both English and French. You will find if two cast members are on stage one will speak in English and one French but interact as if they are speaking the same language, you dont notice the difference.

Journey into Imagination is presented in English, English speakers have to sit in the first 15 or so rows with all the others further back where there are headphones with translators.
Time keeper is in French with headphones for the rest of us, the English version is not the Robin Williams version.
Food is very similar to every other Disney Park, not great but edible and expensive. The best meal we had was at the Golden Nugget Saloon which is a character lunch buffet, great fun.

The Character Breakfast at Hotel New York is worth a visit.

We stayed at the Sequioa Lodge for our first visit but found it a little stuffy and the food at the hotel was pre booked table sevice only, there was no where you could just turn up and grab a bite.
Ever since we have stayed at the 2 cheapest hotels the Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe. The rooms are OK, slightly better than those at the All Stars with self sevice food so you can just grab a bite and then go and collapse in you bed rather than making a huge fuss of meal time.
If you wish to "Dine Out" there is plenty of choice at Disney Village.

I also found the cheaper hotels much more fun for younger guests, my 3 year old was much more at home playing at both resorts with activities laid on.

By visiting during Autumn to Christmas you get a good deal on room rates, last time we had a 4 night for the price of 3 stay which if you time your travel right gives you 5 days to spend in the park.I'd advise anyone to go then, My daughter loved the Christmas "it's a small world"

I love the place, after our first visit I said to my wife "I cant belive we took so long to visit being so close" (3 hours by train 40 mins by air) I think like most people we were snobbish about the place thinking "it cant be as good as WDW" Well we were wrong. DLP is easily on a par with the Magic Kingdom, it's slightly smaller but some of theming is amazing and if you love Disney it's all there for you. Just go with an open mind.It's a great place to visit to fill the time between trips across the pond.
That is when we are possibly planning on going. Maybe we should consider Easter? Do you know of any offsite decent hotels? How does it work when traveling with kids and the rooms are "double occupancy"? We are planing on Germany with a 4-5 day visit to Paris and only one day at DLP. Any advise?
I have been to Paris a few times and I have to say, if I could avoid it, I would never go in the summer. Easter would be a great time to go - warm enough weather and all the Parisians have not yet deserted the city for the sea-side, leaving grumpy people in the tourist industry that all want to be at the sea-side with all their friends. Fall and Spring are lovely times to go but I may have to try a Christmas trip now too!

It was June last year when we visited during the summer and like I said it was heaving, maybe the weather bought the people out as it was really hot too but with only a day at this time of year you will struggle to get round if it's that busy. We had a 2 night 3 day break and just about saw eveything, we had no time to take it easy though and got home exhausted!

I really would advise visiting out of season and mid week if possible. Lots of people are put of by the idea of cold or wet weather etc but we have never had much rain in November or December and I dont mind wrapping up warm.In fact at Christmas the grey skys and chilly weather along with all the decorations give the park an ever more Chistmassy feel. Give me an empty park with no lines with just having to wear a sweater or a jacket over being able to walk around in shorts but having hour long waits for rides and people everywhere anyday!
I've been to DLP lots of times and I have to say that the summer is my favourite time to visit. From about 10 July to beginning of September the park goes to summer opening hours - 9am to 11pm. It also has its full complement of shows and parades, and nightly fireworks. Yes the crowds get bad, but with the extended opening hours it is easy to avoid the worst of the queues by riding all the major attractions first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

At that time of year we always arrive at the park by about 8.30, when you are let into Main Street. The rope drop from the Central Hub is at 9.00am (although it is possible to book a breakfast in the park and be allowed into Fantasyland where some of the attractions are open). From 9.00am until about 10.30 - 11.00am queues are not too bad. We charge around like mad things hitting all our favourites, then slow down and take in the atmosphere, watch a show or two, early lunch, and swim at the hotel before returning for the evening when the park gets quieter again.

I would recommend at least two days, possibly three, to see everything. Certainly when the new Walt Disney Studios opens next April you will need more than a day to see the bare minimum.

I can't help with off-site hotels, but there are a few nearby. You could get more help on this by posting a question on the forum of the DLP Internet Guidebook at:



I will have to try to convince my parents to go over Easter. They think it will be to "rainy". So we need 2 days? Could I do 1.5 days and maybe do Paris in the afternoon? This way I could get 3.5 days in paris and 1.5 at DLP. I have know idea what is realistic at DLP. I sit true it takes "about" 45min with the metro to get to Paris from DLP? Has anyone stayed on site and then sightseeing in Paris? How are the room rates compared to WDW?


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