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Feb 5, 2012
This morning there was a media expo to announce some updates for Disneyland Paris for 2020. And I must say, things look really good, happy with all.
All below information and pictures come from ED92’s Facebook page:

Disney Junior
The first concept art for the new Disney Junior show, to go live in Spring 2020.

Disney Studios
- Focus more on the guest (more than ever trying to meet and exceed guest expectations)
- Focus excellent service, because it’s the Cast Member who can make a difference.
- Capitalize Disney’s experience and products: Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney franchises.
- Invent the guest experience of tomorrow based on brand and franchises.

The Avenger campus

Arendelle will have 1 ride, 1 restaurant, shops and several meet & greets with the heroes of the 2(!) movies.

Halloween 2019
  • Ursula will be in the new show.
  • There will be trick or treat boxes with chocolates by chocolatier Pierre Marcolini in the rooms in the Disneyland Hotel.
  • New snacks: Maleficent burgers, Cruella cupcakes etc.
  • 200 new costumes

Seasons and events 2020:

Already confirmed:
- Frozen Celebration 11JAN- 3MAY20
- Marvel season: 24MAR-7JUN20
- Disneyland Paris Princess Run Weekend 8-11MAY20
- Pride 2020: 6JUN20

For the Frozen Celebration there will be 4 shows a day with dancers, acrobats, Anna & Elsa in new costumes, Sven, Olaf and Kristoff on the parade route.

One of the new floats

Tower of Terror
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will have random falls, starting end of September. Below some options of what could happen

Curse 1: The Infernal Machine
Stay alert, because the ghost of the little girl who haunts the place is perhaps not your worst nightmare ... The Infernal Machine in which you have just settled down has a very specific idea in mind. She wants to trap you in this mechanical prison, shaking you in all directions. Hang on tight! Will you be able to release yourself from its grip?

Curse 2: Caged Creatures
Hint… do not shout! Disturbing creatures roam around the elevator shaft and wait for the presence of souls in distress to come. The louder your cries, the more powerful the creatures become ... Will you be able to remain silent during the drop? All 13 floors?

Curse 3: The Fifth Dimension
Beware... Do not get lost in this dimension! A sinister Poltergeist has opened the Fifth Dimension with one goal: to take your soul. Prepare to lose all sense of reality as you tumble down on a psychedelic journey between two worlds ... will the little ghost girl bring you back to our dimension?

The Art of Marvel Hotel
- Opening reservations: 5 NOV19
- Opening Summer 2020.
- 65 Club rooms, 25 suites, 2 presidential suites.
- 300 regular rooms decorated with Marvel artwork from all over the world.
- Studio Marvel Design for children
- Several meet & greet with characters and photo opportunities (including handling/holding Thor’s hammer)



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Jul 15, 2004
Things are looking up for development, can't wait


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