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Sep 20, 1999
We just went to DLR during New Year's Eve week and had the use of a wheelchair from the Grand Californian the whole time we were there. That was terrific for my 89 year old grandmother who gets tired when she walks too far. We're probably going back to DLR for President's Day Weekend -- but not to the Grand Californian this time. :-( What options do we have to rent wheelchairs besides what they have in the parks? We need the wheelchair to go between the parks as well as to and from the parking lot. Are there other hotels that offer wheelchairs to their customers? We don't need an ECV since grandma doesn't know how to use one.

Thanks for any help!
This is just a suggestion. Since grandma is 89 does she have a medical condition that may qualify her to have a wheelchair on a permanent basis? Does she have arthritis, orthopedic problems, heart or breathing problems? If so MD can write a prescription so that she can have a manual wheelchair at her home to use whenever she needs it. Medicare will pay for at least 80% of the purchase or rental price. It is just something to check out for her.
Other than that you can check at your local medical supply companies to rent a manual wheelchair for her. If you have a car... a bike rack can easily carry a wheelchair. Just use bungee cords to tie it to the rack.
BTW>> HURRAY for ANY 89 year old woman that does Disneyland!!!!!

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