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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Desiree Y, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Desiree Y

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    Jan 5, 2012
    Hi all...

    Hubby and I are planning a trip early March with our 3 kids (4,5 & 10) and I've got a few questions.

    We plan to fly into San Diego from SLC on March 6th and will land shortly after noon. We'll be picking up a rental car at the airport then checking into our hotel and then would like to spend the rest of the day at Mission Beach. I know this is the Disneyland section, but I am looking for thoughts on the beach that day. Think it will be warm enough to do any swimming? Is there any chance of the little ones being able to find shells?

    March 7th will be spent at SeaWorld then we'll check out early on the 8th and head toward Legoland where we'll spend that day and then drive in to Anaheim.

    I think we'd like to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. We'll be getting in pretty late. I think Legoland will close around 6 which means after dinner and drive we'll probably reach Anaheim somewhere between 8 and 9 PM. Do you think it would be a smart idea to stay at a budget hotel for that night, rather than paying so much extra for DLand Hotel just to sleep?

    Is anyone aware of the current renovation status at DLand Hotel? A pool is a MUST for my kids so we need to be sure it will be open during our stay. Please tell me it will be warm enough to swim!

    Also.. we want to save as much money on dining as possible. What's your best advise on this? I haven't looked into character dining yet, as I'm assuming it will be too expensive for us but we do plan to have one dinner at the Pirate's Dinner Adventure.

    Other than getting around for dining I don't think we'll need to do any driving while in Anaheim. We'll fly out of SNA on the 13th. Would it best to keep our rental car until we head home, or should we drop it off once we hit Anaheim and then walk/use a taxi or something to get to Pirate's and save ourself the $15/day parking fee at the hotel?

    Sorry this is so long, I just have one more question. Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary during this trip.. how likely is it that we could score a free or cheap room upgrade? =) (we will be using a 30% off DLand Hotel promo)

    Thanks to all who respond and please feel free to chime in with ANYTHING you see fit!
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    Feb 10, 2000
    I can only answer one question - should you stay at the DLH or stay at a budget place that night?

    I would say - stay at DLH. It is worth the money to me to save time! If you stay budget that night, you'll have to get your bags, drive to DLH, and check in that day. If your room isn't ready, you'll have to store the bags with bell services or in the rental car. I would much prefer to get in, get settled, and start fresh the next day in my room and ready to go.

    Obviously this is opinion, but we would for sure want to be settled. I'm sure others will chime in soon with more opinions and with help for your other questions.

    Happy Anniversary!
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    Mar 12, 2010
    Probably more, wading weather. Not many shells. Not bad for a couple hours in the afternoon.

    I would stay wherever you are the rest of the trip.

    The renovations are done and the tiny work left won't effect your trip. The pools are heated.

    Don't stay at the DLH if you are trying to save money. Stay on Harbor across from the parks where it's closer to the gates and 1/2 to 1/3 as much. Use the savings for some nice meals in the parks.

    Otherwise if you eat counter service some meals are large and you can split or share them.

    You really have to do some math on this. Sometimes a longer rental is cheaper than the shorter rentals. You can take a bus from Harbor to Pirates pretty easy, and a shuttle back to SNA. There are many rental companies near DLR if you drop of there.

    Mention it's an anniversay trip when you make your reservation and see what happens.
  4. llump41

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    Apr 30, 2004
    The air temp should be fine. However the water temp will be somewhat uncomfortable unless you are a polar bear.

    IMHO I would stay that extra night on property.

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