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Discussion in 'Hong Kong Disneyland' started by littlejen22, Jan 15, 2012.

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    We are not planning on going until next year but the kids will be 6 1/2 and 4 1/2, is 1 day enough time to do the park? They are not into roller coasters (at this point anyway) and usually only last through one show and we likely will go doing Disney World 1 to 3 months before HK. How long do you think the lines would be on a weekday in the summer? And can you make a reservation for lunch, I think DH would actually need a real lunch instead of a quick fast-food type lunch because he is already complaining about the heat and humidity and we are over a year away, lol. Thoughts?

    Oh, and is there only one character dining restaurant at the one hotel? Anyone have details on that b/c I cannot seem to find more information anywhere.

    And I realize I seem sort-of crazy b/c this is over a year away but I am excited and cannot find a ton of information about dining on the Disney website.
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    Jun 30, 2007
    I struggled to find much information on HK Disneyland too.

    They don't seem to have much in the way of rollercoasters, so your kids shouldn't have any issues there. They might be interested in re-doing some of the rides from WDW.

    Jungle Cruise
    Winnie the Pooh
    Mad Tea Party
    Buzz Lightyear

    There's also a couple of different things they might be interested in.

    Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse (which is on an island)
    Toy Soldier Parachute Drop
    Slinky Dog Spin
    Stitch Encounter

    There's also a few play/wet zones for kids throughout the park.

    As for the shows, if your kids can only sit through one show, I'd go to the Golden Mickeys, as chances are you would have recently seen Mickey's Philharmagic at WDW.

    I've been told the park can be done in less than a day. But if you've got littlies it might be worth getting 2 day passes so that you can really take your time and have as many breaks as you need (ie if DS is going to want a proper break for lunch etc).

    There is character dining at both hotels, but I don't know of any available in the park. I know there's character dining for breakfast, and I think it's available at dinner as well.

    I'm going in March so I can report back to you with all the latest information then.
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    I'm going to post this link on my PTR soon.


    As far as I can tell, there is character dining for breakfast at the HK Disneyland Hotel. I'm not sure if there is character dining at the Hollywood Hotel.

    Sit down table service in the park seems to be only at two locations...Plaza Inn and the Riverview Cafe in Adventureland. I haven't tested it out but I assume that the HK Disneyland call center would be able to book you tables?

    I'm heading to HKDL in early April and I will also be writing a TR when I return.

    Before then, I'm waiting on Zanzibar to get back with her details. popcorn::

    Okay. Off to go post that website details on my PTR.
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    One day is generally enough time to get through the whole park. Lately, though, it has been extremely crowded and as a result, lines are longer. I would recommend when you first arrive, get your fast pass for the Winnie the Pooh ride, and then run over to Toy Story Land and get in line for Slinky Dog. We went on it one time, and then after that, the line was almost 2 hours long! I also recommend the Golden Mickey's show, as well as the Lion King Show. They are really fun and well done.

    You can make reservations at the Plaza Inn and the Corner Cafe, but most of the other restaurants do have indoor/air conditioned seating areas. You could also check out the Disneyland Hotel and the Hollywood Hotel, both also have several restaurants, and there are free shuttle busses between the hotels and the park. I know for sure that the Enchanted Garden restaurant at the DL Hotel has character dining, but I don't think there is character dining at the Hollywood Hotel. They do have characters hanging out in the lobby sometimes, though. We ran into Goofy there, once.

    If you are going in the summertime, I recommend bringing and extra set of clothes for your kids, as they will probably want to stop and play in the water features/splash pads. There are the Liki Tiki's in Adventureland, and a big water play area in Tomorrowland.

    I'd expect to wait in lines for at least 30 minutes, maybe longer. Fast passes for Winnie the Pooh and Buzz Lightyear are helpful.

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