Disneyland Halloween or Christmas and Why??

Bridget Baker

Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2018
We are planning a trip out to Disneyland this year (first time) would you recommend Halloween time or Christmas time? (By Christmas Time I mean in November) :-) Also, there are no children just two adults. Thanks for any input you may have!! :-)


Angela Aulis

Earning My Ears
Jan 16, 2019
I was wondering the same thing about Disney world. I've never been to either during those times. I guess it would depend on if you like Halloween shows, parades and foods or Christmas shows, parades and food. I think I'm leaning more towards Halloween and then maybe do Christmas time the next time I go.


Apr 15, 2019
I have had the pleasure of being at BOTH for Christmas time and Disney World for Halloween. Here are some of the things I remember...

Disney World at Halloween doesn't really stand out for me in terms of the parks looking or feeling radically different. The Not So Scary Halloween Party is not something I would go back for as an adult, but it can be loads of fun for the kids.

Disney World AND Disneyland at Christmas were great (IMHO) because of all of the decorations. With Disney World, you need to take extra time to go see the resorts as well because they're decorated too and look amazing. Disneyland's two parks are very close to one another already, but the Christmas decorations really made them feel more like one big park to me.

I actually have been to both AFTER Christmas, so crowds were just a tad more tempered. I would go back to either at Christmastime in a heartbeat.

Castle Kara

Earning My Ears
Apr 17, 2019
I've been for both as well, but it was with kids. I would say it depends on when you're going. If you get too close to Christmas, the parks are PACKED! But if you can get there before the crowds get crazy, I would choose Christmas. But that's because it is my favorite holiday.

If you really like Halloween, I would go for that. I think the parks look amazing for both holidays plus you get to meet some special characters during the Halloween time that you normally don't get to meet. So it really does depend on your own preferences and when you can make it to the parks.


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