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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by Unregistered, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Hi, this is just a quick question I have about Disneyland in Anaheim...

    My friend and I are visiting the park tomorrow and we were hoping, for fun, to get there in the morning when they first open. Neither of us have done that before, and thought it would be a different way to begin the day.

    BUT. We're concerned whether it would be a bad idea. We have no idea how they let people in when they first open (we were picturing the gates slowly opening and hoards of people stampeding through Main Street) and are terrified that we'll have to wait in a line for an hour just to get in.

    If someone who has been there opening hour can tell me what it's like, that'd be fantastic. Since we're taking the train we won't be able to be there the very second they open, but definintely within the same hour. Thanks a lot!
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    Disneyland opens at 8am tomorrow. I believe they have early enty for Disney hotels guests only tomorrow at 7am. The way it works is the general public is let in 15-30 minutes before scheduled opening time, however, you cannot get past the end of Main Street until 8 am after the rope drop. Since they are opening early tomorrow, it will be a good day to get started early. I'll be there tomorrow morning, but not until after 9am. Have fun! :cheer2:
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    Have a great day!
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    darn too bad I missed this one before they went

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