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    Jul 23, 2001
    My DH and I returned from Disneyland and Las Vegas last Saturday. I don't remember all the details--it seems a majority of the trip I was in kind of a daze. But I would like to share some of what made the trip for us:

    9/8: We arrived at the Park Inn International at around 11:00. We immediately checked in and went straight to the park. We knew we had to hit certain rides today and tomorrow because they would be closed for reburbishment on Monday. So, we went to the Matterhorn first. Now, this was extremely important to me because I recently lost about 60 pounds. One of the reasons I decided to lose weight because when DH and I went in '99 we could not fit in one car together, so we had to ride as singles. Well, all my work paid off! We fit in there just fine. I was so excited when we got off that we had to ride again. We then trotted to Space Mountain and rode it twice in a row because the music was playing. Of course, I am a sucker for the pictures so we had to buy it. The rest of the day we raced around and hit every major ride. We had a great time. We could not ride the Matterhorn anymore because my bottom was sore. It's nice to lose weight, but when you lose fat you also lose padding.

    9/9: Since we hit so many of the major rides the day before, we decided to go to LA/Hollywood and do the tourist thing. So we went to the wax museum and I haggled with the guy to give us a discout into the Guiness Record exhibit across the street. This is the first time I have ever haggled so I was pretty proud to get into both at a discount. We did a historic tour which was okay--people in Hollywood are not happy with the tourists riding around slowing traffic. We had to go to the heart of downtown and see the huge skyscrapers. We live in Denver, but our buildings just don't inspire me like they do in LA. We then stopped at Rodeo Drive. Of course, most everything was closed but we did enjoy browsing the window displays. And I even bought something from Rodeo Drive--a Jamba Juice. :) We ended the day at Medievel Times. Our knight got his butt stomped during the first round. He was the Green Knight, so now DH and I call tease each other by calling one another the Green Knight.

    9/10: We toured DCA today. Started with Soarin' and had to chuckle because there were 2 CMs that apparently work the night shift cleaning the floors. They were in front of us commenting on how awful the floors looked and how the people who worked last night did a terrible job. They were obviously trying to impress DH and me. Amazing to see 2 people feel so proud to clean floors. We sat in the first row and it is sooo much better than the third row. We rode Mulholland Madness for the first time this trip and I absolutely loved this ride!! It's a quirky, jerky ride that lasts about 45 seconds but I giggled all the way through. Of course, I insisted that we ride again. We then headed for the Maliboomer. I wasn't nervous this time. There was a couple in front of us in line that bailed because the boyfriend took one look and said he couldn't do it. I had to laugh. The first time we rode it, DH kept asking me "Are you okay? Are you okay?" I must have looked deathly afraid--because I was! We then rode California Screamin'. The music wasn't playing. By this time we both felt sick so we had to sit for awhile. For some reason clam chowder sounded good (I normally can't stand it) so we got a bread bowl of clam chowder and fed most of the bowl to the birds. We ended at the new Who wants to be a millionaire game show and instantly became addicted. Our only goal at this point was to get in the hot seat. We watched 3 or 4 shows and each time both ended in the top 10, usually with one of us at number 1. Our mission became to get in that hot seat.

    9/11: We woke up to the radio today. It was our magic morning. I love Rick Dees (lucky Southern Californians) and so when he was talking about the towers being hit I kept thinking, "Okay, when is the punchline coming." Unfortunately, it wasn't a joke. We turned on the tv in stunned silence. We watched for about an hour and then decided to see what the status of the parks was going to be. We went over and they had security, Anaheim police, and CMs all over the place. We were told that the parks would be closed all day. DH and I just walked. The weather was very fitting for the day. Every day the entire trip was sunny and beautiful except today. It was cloudy and it felt kind of dreary all day. We ended up spending the day in the room. DH watched the news and I slept--I just couldn't absorb anymore of the horror on the East Coast.

    9/12 & 9/13: This is where is gets kind of blurry. I know we made it back to who wants to be a Millionaire. I made it to the hotseat!! I got to the $250,000 question and blew it. I wished I had remembered that if you stopped you got to keep the prizes up to that point. But I didn't so I guessed wrong. Oh well. I got the 10 pins, the cap, lanyard, and the polo shirt. All I really wanted was the shirt so I was happy. My questions must have been easy because I did fairly well. DH tried several more times but didn't get on.

    9/14: We left and drove to Las Vegas. Very sad. All of the signs had flags and patriotic slogans. We were on the Eiffel Tower when they turned off the hotel lights on the strip. The Bellagio played "Proud to be an American" and just shot water jets straight in the air from the water lagoon. I bawled my eyes out standing up there, and wouldn't you know, it was the only time the whole trip I didn't have napkins or kleenex with me. All I will say is, you probably didn't want to rub next to my shirt. I was ready to leave Vegas after one night--it was too depressing. I did win about $100 which is pretty good for me.

    I know this was long. Didn't intend for it to be. DH is going to bed without me so I better wrap this up. Thanks for reading.
  2. Peter Pan Fan

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    Aug 6, 2000
    Thanks for your report! I know everyone felt the same way about Tuesday's events, being away from home must have made it all the worse.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Those matterhorn seats are small aren't they? Glad you had a nice trip!
  3. minniecarousel

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    Jul 13, 2000
    Ahhh..poor thing - bony butt - eh? (sorry - couldn't resist!) Congrats on the weight loss!
    Tuesday was tough for everyone - and I'll bet it was wierd not being at home during that time. Sounds like you had a good trip otherwise.
  4. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Congrats to making the hot seat. This wasn't open yet when we were there. Thanks for posting!

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