Disneyana Fun Fair


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Dec 5, 1999
I had an opportunity recently to trade for some pins that the owner said came from the Disneyana Fun Fair. What exactly are these pins? Thanks.
If it's what I think it is, it's a pin selling event that occurs every other month in Anaheim. They started in July 2000. Someone has designed pins available at this show. They are not copyrighted by Disney.
Thanks, Karin! I was skeptical because the pins didn't "feel" like a real Disney pin, but I couldn't exactly figure it out. It was like the feeling you get when something isn't exactly right. The pins had very low limits like LE500. They came with some written documentation about the designer. I was told they are designed by imagineers or maybe former imagineers?

We talked about this briefly in chat; I met someone in Florida at Xmas who gave me a lot of info about all the different kinds of fantasy pins, including a couple of different categories of "Disneyana"(and I don't remember most of it, but hope I get some of this right). There are "Disneyana Convention" pins that are "legitimate "Disney" pins; then there are some disneyana pins, that I think are "fantasy" as in not copyright Disney, but are designed by some of the old imaginneers, and some were designed in honor of, or for events celebrating some of these imagineers (I have one of these, and I know one of them is man named Sam McKinn). Then there are the disneyana fun fair pins, and I just got 5 of those from this year--I think there are at least 8 for this year. At first I wasn't sure I was going to collect them, because as not "real" disney pins, some people look down on them. But, I really like the way some of them look, (I have Easter, 4th of July, thanksgiving, Halloween, and xmas, so far, from 2001), and I have some other fantasy pins designed by "regular" people that are some of my favorite pins. So even though, they are the "step-children" of pins, going with the theory of collect what you like, I decided to go with them. They are a little harder to trade, because even though they are very small editions, they are not "official" disney pins, so they don't trade as valuably as other small edition pins, and they trade better obviously with people who like fantasy pins.

There is a Fantasy Pin board over on the Dizpin discussion boards that you can hopefully get some more info from, and talk with other people who like and collect these pin. Hope this helps a little!:wave:


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