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    CHELLI Earning My Ears

    Jul 2, 2007
    Hi everyone! I am so excited about this forum--I hope you can help. My husband and I are planning to take our twins to WDW between Thanksgiving and Christmas (before the rush). The will be almost 3--although they act like it already. We would like to get the most for our money. We will be driving from NC and probably stay a Saturday through THursday. I am having a hard time deciding if we should do the Disney value package with Disney value hotel or an off-site hotel with shuttles and complimentary breakfast or rent a house. My girls are tiny eaters, but I don't want to waste time in restaurants. As far as attractions, I am considering WDW for 2 days, Animal kingdom 1 day and Sea world one day. What are all of your suggestions? Can't w:goodvibes ait to hear from you! Thanks! Chelli
  2. gullyf

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    Mar 27, 2005
    So much of what you ask can be boiled down to either personal preference or $ available, which makes it almost impossible to give an "answer". I can relate some of our experiences and preferences, which might be applicable since we went when our twins were 2 1/2 and again this year at 4 yrs old, but realize that you mileage might vary.

    First, I have never really found a substitute for staying on-property. For us, it is all part of the Disney "experience", as I am sure they mean it to be. Our kids really enjoyed Pop Century on our most recent stay, with its larger-than-life theme. Remember that with young ones you are likely to want to go back to the room for a bit in the afternoon (hey, even us older ones were glad for that afternoon break). You'll also want to bring or rent a stroller. We had rebozo slings when ours were 2 1/2, and made out quite fine, but rented a stroller this last time. At 4 they were just too heavy to carry around.

    The food courts at the on-site properties all open well before the parks, and there is quite a selection. You can eat it there or take it back to your room, though it can be a hike. Not much breakfast-wise in the park last I looked, but later on there is all sorts of stuff available from vendors and counter service places... no restaurant required. For the most part, when they were younger, our kids ate off our plate or shared a meal. The main meal expense for them was their milk.

    2 days at Magic Kingdom is good for young ones. It allows a slower pace that keeps everyone happy. Not sure about 1 day at Animal Kingdom though (despite my reference above to slower paces). We tend to spend a half day there (meaning 1-2pm or so... then an hour break or so at the room) and then go to Disney Studios the other half, even now that they are older. There just isn't (or wasn't) all that much at Animal Kingdom for 3 yr olds. Disney Studios has a few things that our daughters really enjoyed, among the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, PlayHouse Disney, and Beauty and the Beast on Stage. There's also Fantasmic in the evening: though it was a little intense in spots for little Tori, she ended up cheering for Mickey at the end! You'll need to check on times for all that if you decide to go that route, especially in the off season as some may not be operating then.

    Can't really say much more about it, except that our girls have really enjoyed it the two times they have gone. It was really fun this last time, simply because they remembered so much from the first trip. Don't let anyone tell you that 3yr olds don't remember, 'cause they most certainly do. And those memories are what it is all about, since they get to keep theirs longer than I get to keep mine!
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  4. Tinks Girls

    Tinks Girls Mouseketeer

    Feb 23, 2007
    We took our twins for the first time when they were just about 3. I agree with the previous poster - We love staying on property. Having the flexiblity to go back to the room in the afternoon was great. Everyone took a nap including us.

    They can eat off of your plates since they will not be included in the dining plan. So being a small eater is not a problem. We just asked for a small plate for them to share.

    You definitely want to bring a stroller with you. It is much easier to have one for the airport to carry your kids and for the parks. Renting is ok but at the end of your day you and the kids will be tired. To have to wait on the line to return the stroller and then carry them to the bus area and so on is a pain IMO. We like having our own stroller (no rental fees) and we just collasped it right before we got on the bus. We have a McClaren (sp?) and it folds up in literally 2 seconds.

    The buses themselves are a ride for the kids. All 3 of my DD's loved to get on the bus. We had to buy the diecast versions for them to play with because of how much fun they had riding the bus.

    We have stayed at Pop and ASMo. We prefer ASMo's but either value is great! Food courts have enough to choose from for the little ones.

    I would definitely stay on property. You will get the full WDW experience. Have fun planning. We leave in 29 days and are planning has been done for awhile now. I am in planning withdrawal. Now the packing planning is beginning --:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Have a grerat trip!:thumbsup2

    CHELLI Earning My Ears

    Jul 2, 2007
    Thankyou for your wonderful and very helpful replies. I'm corny, but it gives me chills to hear others experiences, especially ones with little ones. Some say we are crazy to spend this money at this age, but I feel you should make the most out of life--you never know what lies ahead. Anyway, at this point, we have now decided to do Disney 3 days--magic kingdom two days and probably MGM (due to the helpful info!). Have not decided if we will do Seaworld or not--My dh family lives in Miami, so we could always catch that on another trip. Any other must do? How about a day off to check out other disney resorts (they should be decked out for the holidays) or going to the Disney market place?
  6. graysonva

    graysonva Earning My Ears

    Jul 8, 2007
    2yr old twins! Wow. All I can say is take it slow. They are going to get tired and need those naps. I would plan to do what you want to do most on the first day or so and then plan to do the things the girls want to do most the following days. I know mine get really tired with the multiple days in a row thing. Just take it easy and everyone will enjoy the trip better. Plan on spending a day in the middle at the pool.
  7. Jill in Chicago

    Jill in Chicago DIS Veteran

    Mar 11, 2007
    I just spent an evening with adorable two year old twins. I was worried for our sanity as our kids are now 18 and 13, but we had a great evening. Keep the focus on the kids and put your wants and needs aside and it will work out great. We let the husbands catch up and talk and I sat on the floor with the mom and played with the kids. We did manage to get a few sentences in and some laughs, but the focus was the kids. The mom was able to relax knowing she had another parent to help, but you two are already used to trading off.

    I would practice now with sitting still and eating in a restaurant. I was so impressed when these little ones sat down on our bar stools and finished their entire dinner. No running around. No whining.

    Disney transportation from Disney hotels works well. It can take some time, but it is dependable. My DH prefers to drive over being on a bus, waiting for a bus...

    But I have heard bad things about free transportation from any of the non-Disney hotels ie. too crowded to get on the bus, only a few hours to choose from....

    If you are staying at a non-Disney hotel rent a car.

    Look into off site housing though, maybe at Windsor Hills. Or check our vrbo.com.. (Vacation rental by owner). There are awesome deals to be had, and you can give the twins their own room to sleep in. That is so much more restful for everyone, and it gives you a bit of privacy. Many homes have pools, so you don't have to deal with other people's children, balls flying around you head.... and you can eat dinner at home, saving time and money.

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